Wednesday, April 29, 2015


We haz it. The deer are no longer the exact color of the grass upon which they graze and they probably won't be for several months. I am planning on doing my best to savor every hour of the upcoming NotWinter months.

Having become monumentally sick of same.

Went to visit the folks yesterday to take some pics for them of some incredible posters they discovered rolled up in a tube among the inventory of their shop. Real wow stuff about award winning school bands and John Phillip Sousa and all.

It was really interesting.

Oddly there are still very few interesting migrants around. By this time last year there were so many more here. The hummingbird map shows them in southern NY, but I don't know what they would do here. Perhaps nibble on the Colts Foot, which has finally showed up weeks late. Guess I will put a feeder out pretty soon, but I don't expect much.

Meanwhile all and sundry are missing our boy, who has been working in the nation's capitol for the past couple of weeks. We are wishing he would maybe make like know, phone home.....

Yesterday Peggy had her pseudo phone and was banging on the upstairs door and yelling for him. I think she is trying to tell him something.


lisa said...

How wonderful.

Merrilyn said...

What incredible posters, and remember well the CONN instruments too. Love the kitty at the end, and the folks, happy to have spring again, and holding lambie. Beautiful day to you.. Merri

Terry and Linda said...

Wow those posters are really cool. I'm so sick of winter, but finally we are getting warm. I even think I'll try planting this weekend.


Terry and Linda said...

Oh! I have ONE hummingbird!! One, but I'll take it!


Anonymous said...

I spy a KIWI-KAT!!!!! <3

Cathy said...

Charming photos. And that last - so right.

threecollie said...

Lisa, it was pretty cool

Merrilyn, they are amazing in person. And a beautiful day to you too.

Linda, we have finally had a decent week. We will start planting any day now.No hummers here yet, but congratulations. Liz and I are sitting here in the kitchen though and heard a peeping racket right next to us. The Chimney Swifts are back...right in the chimney in the pantry. lol

Becky, you did, you did

Cathy, she loves to peek out the window to see what we are up to.