Monday, April 27, 2015

Planting History

NOT Datil pepper seeds. Leftover milkweed.....

I have been reading this blog pretty much since we got on the Internet...certainly most of the time that I have been blogging. From its author we have learned a great deal about all things Florida. He is the science teacher the rest of us only dream of...field trips out into the Gulf, snake excitement, birds, gophers of the reptile kind, exotic plants and all, with a friendly pack of incredibly literate Labradors thrown in as well.

Florida simply fascinates me. You know, from out of the far far north and all....They have different birds and plants and critters. Pure Florida feeds that.

For years FC has been offering Datil Pepper seeds for sale...He grows them himself; pure heritage, heirloom in the most literal sense of the word, seed stock.

This year we finally ordered some.

I planted them today, along with a bunch of assorted sweet basil. Now I am crossing my fingers for success. If they come along all right, all you Northview people who drown everything I cook with the hottest hot sauce you can buy are in for a treat. 

He sent recipes too. You should go to Pure Florida and search "Datil peppers" to learn how the tradition of growing them has been passed down in the family for generations.

Thanks so much FC. This planting history business feels like a fun project.

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Terry and Linda said...

Cool! It's going to be exciting to see how they turn out!