Saturday, April 11, 2015

Siblings Day

Was yesterday or so they say. I kind of missed it being caught up with poor little Peggy being sick and all.

However, I have the best. Siblings that is.... a brace of wonderful brothers, who are truly good men. Got to give my folks credit for raising gentlemen who choose to do good in the be honest, caring and giving people. They have true compassion and are both much better people than I can claim to be.

I am grateful that our son is growing up so much like them.

I know I'm lucky to have them but I don't tell them so often enough no doubt.....

Love you Mike and are the best.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Blogger needs a like button. Love this post!

A. Montgomery said...

I hope you noticed that they are very good looking men also. Love all three of you. We were Blessed to get the girl your father wanted first, and you taught me all about child raising.
Love you daughter!
Mom and Dad

laurie kelley said...

This is wonderful!!!

Cathy said...

Throwback at TC said it.
"Like" to the gazillionth power.
Love it the same way.
Hope Peggy is feeling better soon.

Mappy !!! said...

Love you my dear !!!!!!!!

Terry and Linda said...

You are just the best person, Marianne! I always love coming here and reading your singing praises of your family.


threecollie said...

Nita, I so agree with that. Wish there was one! And thanks

Mom, we are so fortunate, aren't we, in our family! And they are good looking men as well as being good men. I love them both dearly. Love you and dad as well. Take care.

Laurie, thank you!

Cathy, thank you. She was a bit better yesterday. Even though she was sick she is such a cheerful little soul. We sure do love her.

Mappy, love you, miss you. And OMG that cornmeal is fantastic!!!

Linda, sorry if it seems as if I am bragging about them, but I want them to know how much I think of them and I am lousy at it in person.