Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Still Kicking

We are. No one is really 100% yet, but we are on the mending edge. Despite the plague  we had a productive weekend. I got to spend Saturday with the guy above. Always a lot of fun. 

From 7-County Hill

He took me riding around the farm on his quad, something I had never done before, and I am sold. A lot like a horse, without the hay and attitude. Not that I don't like horses and all.....

A little White Pine grove

Then we finished emptying the garden pond and cleaning it. Up until last summer it was a wonderfully balanced, self-sustaining little ecosystem. I didn't touch it except for algae killer now and then for years. Then the extreme cold froze all the wild and tame plants in it and it went to heck.

Shagbark Hickories on the back of 7 County

Smelled bad. Looked bad. Became a boring old chore. So I pumped it out and bailed it out and shoveled it out...it was STILL frozen in the bottom btw....over a couple of weeks, and he helped me get it dumped, cleaned and refilled. We...or should I say they...it took Liz, Jade and Alan to lift it...took out a large yellow iris that was the only thing left alive... and chucked all but a small pot full. It filled half the skid steer bucket.

The view north, for which the place is named

Now comes the fun of recruiting new stuff to get it balanced again. Anybody know any stores that sell hardy water lilies? The old ones came from Wally World and they don't have them any more. Speaking of which we found lily roots the size of your arm in there (!!!) No wonder we had so many flowers every summer.

Then on Sunday a new chick brooder/transitional house was built. The chicks were rapidly outgrowing the original brooder, and what with the weasel/mink/Sasquatch that has been killing hens they didn't dare put them out in the big coops they built.

Anyhow, it was a busy weekend...we still feel pretty cruddy...and our boy is off to the nation's capitol today....back to normal programming for us I guess. Take care.

Something pointy this way came


Terry and Linda said...

Love that first photo! I have not forgotten I have promised you some plants. I'm waiting for warmth to send them!


ellie k said...

Sometimes if you asks Walmart they will order what you need if it is not in stock, go on there on line shopping and check, they will send that orderr to the store. That little girl has grown like a weed.

threecollie said...

Linda, thanks, I hope I can send you something in return. I haven't forgotten the variegated canna, but I cannot seem to propagate the darned thing! I have separated out several corms but they just wither and die. I'll keep trying.

Ellie, I hadn't thought of that, thanks. The kids say Lowes may have them and there is a farm store a couple towns away that used to carry them. I miss them

Ed said...

From the size of those holes looks like you have a Pilated WP working the area... :-)

threecollie said...

Ed, coulda been. We do see them every now and then