Thursday, April 09, 2015

Treasure Hunt

Winter just won't let up. It is well below forty today, rainy, sleety sometimes, and just plain nasty. 

A good day to stay indoors.

A good day to treasure hunt.

I have already started three trays of seeds, mostly tomatoes, but a few other odds and ends, including the apple mint I paid a ridiculous price for on Amazon. Tiny package, hardly any seeds, if indeed the chaff sort of stuff in the package was even seeds.....

And no germination. If I hadn't already given them a bad review I'd give them another one. My old plant froze off winter before this one and I simply can't find a new one. Dagnabbit. I had the thing for at least 30 years and moved it several times. We really missed it last favorite mint for mint apple jelly.

Last year we grew some other herbs with the intention of selling them at the swaps. They didn't do too good there so we kept them and discovered that there is no such thing as too much sweet basil....

Thus I went spelunking for seeds. 

Score! Now to plant them. 


Anonymous said...

I think that top baby pic below this post says it all about the weather in NE MINNESOTA TOO....Little Weather Lamb says " SSSSSSPAHHH WHO CARES!" gotta love that pic....Merri

Terry and Linda said...

I'm getting ready to start seeds here also. If I find some apple mint I'll send you some.


lisa said...

We gave up on doing seeds. Seems like everytime we get them growing good. We are gone and they don't get taken care of. I will stick with the buying the plants. You do a great job with your seeds though!

ellie k said...

I have tomatoes ready to put out and green onions just peeping through the ground.

threecollie said...

Merri, I find myself captioning all her photos! She is such a ham...just loves the camera.

Linda, that would be fantastic. There used to be an herb grower near here and I bought all kinds of wonderful plants from her. Alas, I guess she is out of business.

Lisa, I know it is hard for you. I am doing them upstairs this year, which is kind of a pain in the neck, but at least there is space.

Ellie, oh, that must be just wonderful. I have a few sprouted in the house and at the two leaf stage, but nothing more than that. Got to get the mulch off the garlic pretty soon though.