Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Another Day

Come, walk with me

The corn lilies we weeded out of a friend's garden and tossed down along the driveway in hopes they might grow are thick and green and thriving.

Up in the Heifer Pasture

Commotion up in the horse yard. Killdeers going crazy. I walked up in case a varmint was pestering them. The male was swirling up and down in Sunny's yard. Then the female came by carting a neatly cut-off egg shell in her beak. She dropped it and went back to the nest. 

Watch out for the Widow Makers

 Hatching I'll bet.

Much twittering in the chimney at frequent intervals. Sounds like hatching there too.

Watching me, watching you

Baby Tufted Titmice begging frantically on the feeder.

Asparagus Stonehenge up in the yard. Another day, another dinner.

Fence man
Following the boss up fencing. Felt like the Secret Garden with the wind buffeting us wildly. All we needed were some moors.

House Wren...check

 We all swim in our own river, just like the fish in the Mohawk. However, our river is a river of air, flowing through the trees, around the rocks and across our faces. Today it is straight out of Canada, cold but as sweet as spring water and good to breathe. You can almost see its outlines; it is so darned vigorous.

The gentleman in the video below was following me from tree to tree and singing up a storm....maybe he was conjuring up that wind...I don't know....sorry about the shakiness....


Anonymous said...

OH my goodness the beauty of the land and God's creation captured here in your Robert Frost's poem' Nothing gold can stay"---Nature's first green is gold, its hardest hue to s early leaf a flower but only so an hour>"---you have captured those lines!!I miss the fields since up here in NE MN and did enlarge those fields and walked there!!! SO lovely! and that bird singing ..made it so perfect. What an uplift in the day here--- why I can almost smell the grass...feel the wind. Lovely!!! Blessings and gratitude for sharing your bounty of beauty.I am going back now to listen to the joyful it is....singing out with joy!..Merri

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, I love this amazing world you live, lush, green, full of so many trees and looks like heaven must look.


joated said...

Sounds--and looks--like a great day!

Cathy said...

Everyone above said what I"m feeling about your writing.
Love the thrasher video! My husband and I took 10 minutes trying to locate one singing high up in tree just like yours.

jan said...

What a lovely walk and a lovely post.

threecollie said...

Merri, I am so glad you enjoyed the walk and the Brown Thrasher. It is usually a little hard for me to get bird song video, but he was so obliging. We used to have them nesting down by the house, but for the past several years they have only been up in the woods. Now we have a pair by the house. I love to watch them foraging on the lawn!

Linda, this time of year I remember why we endure our nasty winters.

Joated, it was fun! Thanks

Cathy, isn't it amazing that so brilliantly colored a bird can be so hard to locate. Must be the way the song carries or something. this guy is irresistible though. He follows us!

Jan, thanks, wish you could join us in real time.

lisa said...

Looks like another lovely day on the farm!

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Gosh, you live in some pretty country there girl. Gorgeous, and the bird life is amazing. We have so little diversity in birds. Peggy will get an education before she ever sets foot in a classroom!

threecollie said...

Lisa, really nice days right now

Nita, she already loves all the animals! thanks