Thursday, May 21, 2015


How things have changed around here in the past few years......we used to the know the name of the owner of every farm around. Knew their kids and their wives, and sometimes even their farm dogs. Knew them to talk to at auctions and meetings, or were even good friends and good neighbors.
"Whew, got 'em stopped just in time

We knew how long they had farmed their land.

And who farmed it before them.

Must be a campfire

That is all done now.

Everything has changed. Everything. Almost every dairy farm has gone out of business...there are barely any left. Some have been replaced by small Amish farms, but all the folks we used to know have left the industry, left the area, left the land.....or even died, all too often untimely.

All new people now....all different, all changed. We know a few of them.....have hired them to do some construction, bought a few things, chased away particularly persistent elders who wanted to buy the place whether we wanted to sell it or not, which can be generally pretty aggravating. 

Still, I'm sure glad someone is farming this reopening other land that had been grown up to brush and weeds....

On a ride around last night though, we could barely recognize places we have known for all our lives..... and I sure do miss the old neighbors.


Cathy said...

Something about his spring . . . . something has settled over the bloom and the first green. Even the robin's song has a melancholy cast.
Guess I'm having a down day. But your poignant post reinforces my sense of something slipping away.

Merrilyn said...

Well things may be slipping away int he world, but not in YOUR world which so generously share with all of us. Your world is safe because YOU embody all those folks you say are are not. YOu are the place holders of that land and thank you for being that..and I am too...wherever I go it mightnot be as beautiful as where you live, but I too am a placeholder..for teh simple, life of neighbors, loving neighbors, and family BEING family doggies, lambies, that video and well enjoy what you have is such a blessing to witness, and I will enjoy this small lake, my house on the corner here I name Willow House a Bed and Breakfast I made and then closed...but a beautiful simple old, chippy paint house that embodies all that you love too. The original builders were from Sweden , and rented out the upstairs ...and lived down. I am the second owner of WIllow House and now it is for sale, but I will tkae it with me... and expand its values of peace and love wherever I end up..which will be in farm country in S . Minnesota...thank you for sharing your world with me. It saves me some days for sure to know it is there, in tact, and shining...Love Merri

Terry and Linda said...

Oh...I hear the pain and the sadness...



Cathy said...

Merrilyn makes me feel better :)

Uta said...

I don't live in the country, but I too miss all the farms we used to have. We are members and donate to NOFA so new young farmers can make a start.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I know it's sad, the big push around here is to reforest and depopulate the area that settlers worked so hard to clear by hand. Our landscape is pretty boring now with tall trees blocking every view on the what used to be scenic byways.

Linda said...

Beautiful photos.