Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Farm Kids Can

Frieland LF Bama Breeze

Congratulations to Sawyer Fredericks who lives on a farm a couple of miles from us. I've even been on that farm several times when other folks were farming there....seems like a great place to grow up.

I am glad this fine young man won last night. He truly deserved it. I don't have the patience to watch TV, but Ralph had it on in the other room. Every time Sawyer came on and his fine, pure, yet gritty, powerful, but still sweet, voice drifted out to the kitchen I had to go listen.

He is that compelling. I would have been very disappointed if the other performers, no doubt fine in their own genre, but sounding to me very slick and commercialized, had beat him.

I wish him all the best.


A. Montgomery said...

I am glad he won too. I voted for him again yesterday 10 times. I have never listened to him all the way through a song but he seems like a really sweet kid.
Love Mom

lisa said...

I did watch the whole season for the very first time. I will definitely be buying his music! It is so neat to know that he lives so close.

threecollie said...

Mom, I finally voted too, even though this is really not my kind of thing. Love you

Lisa, I cannot sit still long enough. lol. I did enjoy his segments though