Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Last Frost?

Bought this pink lilac when the kids were small and we lived in town
Moved it up here and it is going ok

Maybe...maybe not. However, temperatures in the high twenties are forecast for tonight into tomorrow morning. They had been predicting forties, but the feel in the air last night said they were going to be way off. You can feel a frost coming if you pay attention and believe your senses.

Thus last night the boss and I brought the trays of tender annual flowers and vegetables in off the sitting porch ...which by the way has been rearranged to allow at least one more person to sit out all the shabby old geraniums I put out to call the hummers to the feeders.

They are pretty ratty, but I grew most of them from seed and I keep them going, winter after winter, just for something green around the house.

Nothing permanent is planted out, except a few snapdragons the kids bought me for Mother's Day, and onions, carrots and beets. I'm hoping the Candy Onions can take the cold. Never grew them before, spent a lot more money than I normally would for sets, and with the long dry spell it was a real struggle to get them going. 

Shame to lose them now. I will cover the snapdragons.....

Anyhow, even though it has been in the eighties for the past ten days to two weeks, we know better than to trust upstate weather in May. Brrr.....


A. Montgomery said...

Just beautiful Marianne. I can smell them from here. I love lilacs. Your Grandmother used to put all her pretty purple ones on Bobby's grave at Ferndale. Until Memorial Day, the rest of us kids enjoyed them. Fond memories.
Love, Mom

Cathy said...

Oh how well I know your concern. My kid-sis in Colorado Springs is heartsick over what the hail and sleet have done to her plants in the past week. She said they looked like they'd been through a Veg-O-Matic. Hope those beautiful lilacs don't have to face Mr. Frost.

threecollie said...

Thank you, Mom. I wish you guys wanted lilacs on your place. I could bring you up a baby from this bush. It is a semi-dwarf and my favorite lilac ever. Love you!

Cathy, I don't think it froze so far or is going to. We covered anyhow. I went out around 5:30 and all seemed ok. Thanks.