Thursday, May 14, 2015

Not Quite Frozen

Neon Moon

It appears that it didn't freeze last night.

Becky and I went out around ten and covered the snapdragons anyhow, even though it didn't quite feel like it was going to be frosty.

It was sure chilly though. I took a blanket out to spend a little time in the quiet of the sitting porch and needed both.

Frieland LF Bama Breeze

Sure worth it though. I'm not going to count it on my farm count, but I am pretty sure I saw a Peregrine Falcon. It was clearly a falcon of some kind, very sharp, pointed wings and all. And it was large, kinda crow-sized. 

However, I could not get a good look at the facial markings, so it will remain an almost, but not quite, sighting.

Amazing though what we see from this little farm in the middle of NY. At the same time there was a buteo up at Bald Eagle height, way at the edges of very high clouds. Even at the absolute outside range of my admittedly not very powerful binoculars, it was just a light-breasted, dark-winged speck. Probably just a Red-tailed, but I have never seen anything but an eagle that high. And it was definitely not an eagle.

Also not an eagle
The Old Pasture Lot was alive with Bobolinks and Red-winged Blackbirds. What a chorus of joy and clamorous welcome to spring. I do love Bobolinks!


Anonymous said...

OH so perfect for me to look through these lovely pictures here as I am them. I love the names of your cows...Neon Moon and Bama are good at naming things and an excellent writer! How about a children's book with these cows, the birds and all of it. I am writing one..and you are so talented with your writing would be a great book for all us kids ha ha...NEON a title, that is so good. I enlarged the picture of the hummingbird and it is so good to see him stil, marveling at his beauty and those cows are so clean..and spotless and all in the glory of green. THANK YOU ..again, for this blog. Think about that book it would sell for sure..for your lambie pie she would love it. Blessings, Merri

ellie k said...

Do you still have the cow that was sold but they left her on your farm for a while? I got mixed up on which one you were keeping. Our kids were raised on fresh cow milk. They would shake there bottle up to mix the cream when they were going to drink the milk. I love the green grass and spring in your pictures.

Cathy said...

Bobolinks! Bobolinks! Bobolinks! Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!

threecollie said...

Merri, maybe someday on the book. Congratulations on writing one! I have written one novel and started several others, but never went anywhere with them. Too busy and too crazy here these days. I can barely get the FArm Side done each week. lol

Ellie, the lower photo, the white cow, is that cow. Out to pasture they go today. Hope they mind the fence! lol

Cathy, we are. Wish they would nest in the pastures instead of the hayfields though!