Monday, May 04, 2015

The Catbird Seat

After a busy day yesterday...the kids got a lot of the garden ready, onions planted, and chores done, and the boss sold a little hay....he and I sat out on the sitting porch enjoying the evening.

It has been closed up for many months with plastic and heavy fabric over the door and it is a real treat to get out there and listen to the birds and watch the moon rise. I spend time out there every day, as it is a good place to monitor who's back from the far south and I am picking up new arrivals almost every day.

We were talking quietly when I heard a faint call coming in from the south end of the old horse pasture...I listened as it came closer and closer. Sure enough....

First Catbird of the year... It was pretty cool to actually hear him approach. This morning there is no sign of him, so he may have moved along......Whenever the ones that nest here return they will find plenty of grape jelly and oranges, as did the Baltimore Orioles that showed up on the feeders yesterday.

Our big brown bat is back too. I hope he stays outdoors!

Ren, the big, pink dog


Cathy said...

Little bit of heaven on earth. That's spring. That's the returning of the birds, the kids putting in the garden.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Glad to know that catbirds like oranges and grape jelly. I will put some out for our resident catbird, who makes his home in our backyard shrub thickets and amuses us all summer with his attempts at other birds' songs. I wonder if the catbird has his own song (other than the loud "mews" of his calls).

Terry and Linda said...

I love bats, but like you they need to be outdoors!


threecollie said...

Cathy, it is. I fall in love again every spring....with all of it.

Jacqueline, they grow so tame! I think by the end of the summer last year we had at least ten or eleven Catbirds right around the house. They were like the Catbird shuttle going back and forth across the long lawn. lol

Linda, I like them in their place and I miss the Little Browns, which were pretty much wiped out by White Nose Syndrome around here. We used to have a small colony in the roof of the cow barn. All gone now.