Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Little Damp around the Edges

Too wet to sow, too wet to mow.

Too wet to hoe, too wet much of anything outdoors.

Can't weed the peas or the beans. Can't really plant out any more tomatoes until the ground is less muddy.

Certainly can't make hay....

However, it is going to be sunny for a while today and full advantage will be taken.

I already showed optimism and put away most of the winter clothes. And found my favorite Hawaiian shirt and my other tan shorts, which were among the missing.

Yay! Here's hoping it will dry off enough to get some strawberries that aren't covered with sand and mud and make this year's jam before the season is over.

Have a good one. 


A. Montgomery said...

Let me know when the strawberries are ready. I would like to pick a few.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Yes, when that sun DOES come out, like up here in does not knwo what to do first...ho ho the chippermonkie get ready to gave fun doing all the stuff you love....mmmmcan smell that jam..... blessings to you all, Merri