Thursday, June 18, 2015

Father's Day

I have been so eager to tell about the Father's Day gifts I did for my dad and the boss, but I had to wait until I gave them to them, so they wouldn't read about them here first.

And yes, I kind of jumped the gun, but sometimes you gotta.

For my own dear dad, who taught me so much and instilled a lifelong love of learning, I made a salad garden.

We bought a huge plastic pot and filled it with nice potting soil. I buried a big handful of Epsom salts and then planted two good-sized tomatoes, one on each side, with a little trellis for them to grow on. Since I accidentally started somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 tomato seedlings and only about a dozen are in the ground so far.......that part wasn't exactly a big sacrifice.

Two sweet basils we started from seed were added, then we sowed the balance to lettuce mix and a few carrots.

Not exactly instant salad, but all things come to those who wait.

For the boss I sent for a subscription to Lancaster Farming, which is a great farm newspaper no matter where you live. His long term subscription was one of the many things that fell under the cost-cutting axe when things got bad in dairying. Fortuitously they sent us a sale flyer just in time for Dad's Day.....

A good newspaper subscription rewards us in so many ways. When Daisy has what one of my favorite authors, JA Jance, (who also has a little Dachsie), calls "deliberates" on the kitchen floor, newspaper comes to the rescue.

And it is handy when starting fires, which when you heat your house and your water with wood can be important. Especially this year, when we still don't have the big front doors opened because it has been so cool and wet. 

But first of course he gets to read it, especially the auction listings. The man loves him a good auction.

Hope they both have a wonderful Sunday.


A. Montgomery said...

Wonderful. He loves his salad garden and that is a great picture of him. Love Mom

lisa said...

What a wonderful daughter and wife you are!

Cathy said...

Quite a few good and lucky men in your life, Marianne.
Happy Father's Day to them :)

Terry and Linda said...

What a beautiful tribute! I love that first speaks volumes!


Anonymous said...

Such Love you have for family a beautiful thing to see. Thank you for sharing that picture of dad, abd his humility and grace still, as you reflect all he taught you so beautifully.l He is very proud of you and that wee lass...Lambkins...and a gift that has dual uses is wise as well... paper for dog and man. Love it. Happy weekend and that baby is more precious each photo---but then look where she finds it...HOME. Blessings, to you all---Merri

threecollie said...

Mom, I am so glad he likes it. It is hard to think of cool things for him and I had so much fun putting it together. Love you both.

Lisa, I am not really...bu thanks.....

Cathy, I am so lucky to have them!

Linda, it is one of my favorites of the boss. I did it for Sunday Stills but I kept it because it says so much about him. Thanks

Merri, thanks, blessings to you too. We do have a lot of fun around here. lol