Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Alas the Riverbank Grapes are about done for the year.
I love the way they smell

They do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I hope it's true. The recent hiatus here was caused by our boy being really sick with a bad wisdom tooth and his mommy being too darned worried to feel like writing.

Top Onions are getting their tops.
 I need to start a new pot to use indoors for winter

The culprit was finally removed yesterday, along with one of its mates and he is back to work. Now his worry wort mom can brood about the nasty pain relievers and horrific antibiotics he must take......reading the inserts that come with medicines these days is worse than starting a new Steven King at midnight on Halloween with a storm rumbling in the background and werewolves howling on the hill.

After an April emptying and cleaning the garden pond has finally balanced itself
and is clear.
 First time it's been emptied in ten years or more
because it had such a nice balance of water lilies and pond plants.
Alas two horrible winters in a row killed all but one iris.
That one had to be lifted out by three people and chopped up with and axe before being hauled away by the skid steer.
Maybe a heater this fall....keep my new lilies from going the way of the old ones.
 Nice to see the little fishies
Meanwhile, it has been raining and has turned off cold, shutting down garden work , and leading to the furnace running full blast even as we speak. Here are a few sunny pics from before the weather reversal.....

Water Canna roots


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Not fun at all. Hope Alan is on mend. They need anxiety pills for moms!

Cathy said...

Oh how I understand your concern. Doggone it. It's so hard when our kids are far away. Wishing Alan and his dear mom comfort and relief from physical and emotional pain.

A. Montgomery said...

So glad our boy is getting better. It is hard to be a mom, but the rewards are great. Especially when you hold your grandchildren.
Your Mom.

Anonymous said...

I love the pond there ...so peaceful and balaned. BALANCE...a concept worth thinking about deeply. Thank you for the photos and good news of a culprit tooth removed, and healing in the forefront of it. My son is 250 miles from here as well. God blesses us. Much love and those grapes look so interesting. Merri

PS please do not send cooler weather west... just got a bit warmer in Minnesota lol

Terry and Linda said...

We just finished with the cold enough to have to have a fire weather...the temps went from 64* to 94* in two days. I understand your tremendous concern for your kids...it never stops even if they are adults.


threecollie said...

Nita, I think he is improving. Hard to tell with him so far away. Thanks

Cathy, thanks, it has been a miserable couple of weeks while all this has been going on.

Mama, oh, yes, the rewards are worth every minute. Love you

Merri, it is so hard to have them so far away, isn't it? Our boy works in such scary cities! NYC Washington DC. So much happens there. Thanks for your kind words.

Linda, I was reading your blog post about the heat. Yowsa! Supposed to hit the 70-s here today and it will sure be welcome. As I type the heat is turned up full blast and we are still chilly.