Monday, June 08, 2015

My Favorite Month

Busy weekend. Teeth replaced on the double rakes. Tire on the tedder. Little tractor delivered, torn down, frozen-up engine freed and various other efforts towards its eventually running the hay elevator undertaken. Rumor is that it will be a Father's Day present when it is ready to roll.

Photo bombed up on Lusso Rd. I wanted a pic of the mountains
and there were hundreds of Bobolinks and some Meadow Larks.

Some hay was loaded out. Visits from family and friends enjoyed. (Mom, the driveway is not really all THAT bad......)(we love you). A rooster was sold. All chicken houses cleaned.

Gardens weeded and rototilled and a couple more planted. Discovered to my utter amazement two little canna plants up in the asparagus bed. At least ten years ago, before I planted it to asparagus, I had a big bunch of them up there.

I thought I dug them all and in all those years there hasn't been a sign of them. Cannas do not overwinter here even in mild years and the past few winters have been anything, but mild...but there they are. 

Even Miss Catty Fach was busy

The only thing we can figure is when Jade rototilled over the bed he pulled them up from somewhere deep underground where they had somehow escaped the heavy frost.

The Camaro got an oil change and a bath after the guys went to the races and it was turned an interesting new color by all the dust.

And, then, alas, it headed back to Washington for a while...but we sure had fun while its driver was home. The rains came in and finished all possibility of baling the hay that is down.....oh, well....

This was at the car wash ......


Terry and Linda said...

Washington...that is a HUGH long way away! Goodness! Safe driving, Please!


Cathy said...

" hundreds of Bobolinks" Lucky Duckies!!!! I haven't seen ONE bobolink in several years. Waaaaaaaaaa :(
BTW. That peony pix is lovely.

lisa said...

Boy, does that tractor look familiar! Glad he was able to free it up. Wonderful, he gave it to his dad!

threecollie said...

Linda, seven hours when the traffic isn't too bad. Ten or more when it is. I hate it, but it is what it is.

Cathy, they sound so wonderful. I walked up to our field last night though and all was quiet. Done mating perhaps? And thanks.

Lisa, Yeah, I'll bet you have seen that one before. lol. They are having a lot of fun with it.