Saturday, June 13, 2015

Never a Dull

This was soon all back together, but alas the magneto had a fail

Our boy took a quick trip home to see his dentist Friday

Tractor teamwork

Dentist early in the AM

For Great Grandma M

Tractor repair and trips to the parts store all day long.

Becky finished this really cool crochet needle case, which is much more impressive than it looks in this photo.

And at the end of a busy day he headed back....leaving us all sad and concerned for his trip...but all was calm and peaceful. Butter wouldn't melt in its mouth.

The boys of summer

Then, after the boys of summer stopped by for a visit while I was talking to him on the phone (hands free of course), all Hell broke loose.


Tornado warnings screaming from the TV and an Amber Alert from my phone.

At first we just sat on the porch watching the clouds tangoing over the place. Then it started to feel ominous. I went up on the stair landing and watched to the west. It is the only place anywhere near the house where you can see the western sky.

Soon I was calling everyone up to see what I was seeing.

The consensus was that for the first time since we lived here that we should adjourn to the cellar, which we did.

The sky tantrum soon passed, leaving our phone out of order and a fairly large limb off the honey locust. However, much more damage was done in other areas than here. We were lucky.

It was actually worse than this, but we didn't hang around

I guess it wasn't a tornado, just cloud rotation, but it sure was exciting. I saw things in the cellar that I didn't even know were down there. Gigantic rocks built into the stone and limestone foundation. My little drawers of screws, which I put down there in hopes of someday having a workshop and bench for the boss and me to build things ...I had forgotten all about them. And Liz noticed how neatly the floor joists were cross braced...lots of cool architectural details....I don't go down there much because the stairs are treacherous.

However, I will force myself someday soon and get some pics. Meanwhile below are Liz and Peggy hanging out waiting for the storm to pass.....taken with the phone btw. Camera had to stay upstairs all alone.

Eventually all was calm. Alan made it to DC okay. It stormed all night, but I guess we slept through most of is all blue and white and fluffy.....but there is still that big limb to remove.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Peggy is getting so big so fast!

A. Montgomery said...

You neglected to say that your Mother called to get the number for NiMo because her power was out. I called the Number and reported our loss. They estimated 10:45 for a return of power. I rode the bicycle in the dark for 30 minutes. Soon after the power was back on and I had reset the clock. The TV was working. I had shut the computers down. No WIFI so I couldn't upload a new book on my tablet, so we watched FOX. I think you had a more eventful day than we did. All is well here now. Love, Mom

A. Montgomery said...

Love the Peggy pictures. She looks so much like Jade, with Lizzy's coloring. Beautiful little girl. Love her soooo. Thanks, Mom

jan said...

you really need to post more Peggy pictures. She is changing so fast. Your cellar sounds fascinating

Terry and Linda said...

Whew! I'm glad everything came out okay. By the way...that cellar looks really COOL!


Anonymous said...

Wow lots going on in your heaven on earth! Hmmm cloud rotation...that kind of sounds like tornado doesn't it does rotate fast. Glad all is well and love to look in your basement there. Glad your son is fine, and that baby is precious!!! You are all blessed out there and glad the animals are all safe too. Blessings, Merri

NumberWise said...

I saw that tornado warned cell go through. That must have been scary.

And what is with the amber alert? Both my son and I got it also, and we almost fell out of our chairs. I had turned off all but highest level alerts.

threecollie said...

Nita, she is starting to talk now! It will be so exciting to learn what she has on her mind.

Mom, glad to hear that all is well. I was going to call but then I remembered you were going out with Michael so I didn't. Love you! Sometimes Peggy looks like Becky to me. Isn't that odd? lol

Jan, I guess I should. She is at a very cute stage. She loves the outdoors and animals more than you could believe. Although she only knows a few words so far she really tries hard to say "outdoors"!

Linda, I almost didn't go downstairs. It looked to me as if we were only going to get clipped by the edge, which is what happened. However, if I hadn't gone down the other probably wouldn't have and so.....

Merri, thanks! Once again, we were very fortunate. My husband complains about farming on a hill but I figure we are lucky to be up here. Take care!

NW, I dunno about the Amber Alert. I wouldn't have minded it going off once...preferably not while we were dodging a tornado warning, but it went off at least three times! You need to come see us. To heck with bookkeeping, just come visit! The porch is so much fun now. Deer, chipmunks, bunnies, and of course, lots of birds!