Friday, June 05, 2015


Not today

None in the forecast until Monday, but a steady drizzle on that which is mowed up in the Thirty-Acre Lot. 

Alas. Glad he didn't mow any more than he did. 

Oh, well, it was pretty much a shakedown cruise for the machinery anyhow......


Terry and Linda said...

It's raining here...we are going to be lucky to have the corn be as tall as the knees by the 4th of July. lucky.


Merrilyn said...

Summer is slow here in NE MN...first warm day in a few weeks...around 68 now and just cut the lawn here at Willow House. Love your bird bath. and birdies.....and the greens here are lush as well, with just now lilacs blooming and start of others...slow ..up here for sure. Tonight 40 again. Rain again tomorrow night so cutting rest tomorrow. Blessings on you all in your heaven on earth there..smiles...Merri

Cathy said...

Blub . . . blub . . . blub. . .
We've been inundated here in NW Ohio.
So much rain . . . so much green!

threecollie said...

Linda, after rain it turned off cold here. Down in the low forties, possibly even thirties last night.

Merri, on one hand I am sorry to read that spring is so slow for you. On the other hand....lilacs!!! Ours are long gone. I love the way they smell and look.

Cathy, weird weather for sure. Cold here. I was digging through the clothes to put away the winter stuff and except for the down vests and heavy sweaters I kept thinking, not yet, not yet, not