Friday, June 19, 2015


It is as if we are suspended in a water droplet. We can see the world around us and it is lovely, even in the rain.

However, we can't escape the silken walls of water. Can't garden. Can't hay. It is raining so much the boss can't even get the driveway leveled off so it is not the grand canyon of the east.

Lots of grass out there. I stood at the kitchen sink looking up the hill to see if the bucks are around. Normally we have a doe and fawns hanging around the house, but this year there are two bucks, one large, one small. They are so tame that they came out of the machine shed the other day when the boss went up there after something. A lot of tracks suggest that they spend a bunch of time there.

Anyhow, through the drizzle I saw something out there, but it was just a greyish blur, not the bright russet of the deer or the stark black and white of the cows.

I was pretty sure it was a coyote, and after a quick run for the binoculars that was confirmed.

No wonder the kids' horse, Sunny, had been spooking and hawking around the yard. It was a BIG one! Looked more like a pale German Shepherd than a yote. Its head was almost pure pale tan to right down behind its ears. 

It hung around, right near the cows and the horse, for quite a while before it moseyed away in grass up to its shoulders.

We never lack for wild's like we live in a national park or something only without the rangers.

Last week it was a fox on the lawn. I think I saw a weasel on my walk the other morning. A %$#&&*(^** chipmunk practically sat on my feet on the porch to drink from the tool carrier I keep the young mint plants in on the porch the other day. 

It has eaten all but one of my new hostas, some sunflower plants, and so much bird seed I simply quit feeding.


Anyhow, it is wet, it has been wet, apparently it will be wet.

Yesterday I taught Peggy to say "water", which was pretty cool.

Liz suggest that her next word should be "ark".

Instead I taught her to say "chocolate." Then I sent the boss out to buy us some.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I wish we could trade weather, no rain in sight here for quite a while. Dust in June here, unheard of.

joated said...

Ark sounds reasonable. But boat, canoe, kayak and raft would suffice.

Maybe Miss Peggy will be able to learn to swim in the yard.

jan said...

You are better than a state or national park where they have don't feed the animals signs. Yours sound as if foraging is not necessary.

Terry and Linda said...

We went from wet and raining to 100* weather over fooling. Miserable on both sides.


Anonymous said...

ARk , water , it!!!!! Welly ou can eat that chocolate in the arl while water falls....we too are getting it up n Minnesota for our Land of the Loon Festival( hit it up on line it is fun to go see all the new items for sale) but today, cool , dark clouds rolled in. My grandfather used to call this a " dry drizzle" it is.....sweet and lovely and well, if we were coming at it from a duck's perspective I guess it is Wonderful!! ---Blessings...thanks for green and lush...---Merri

Cathy said...

Magic. Water suspended in droplets. Love these pictures.

ellie k said...

We have been having storms, this is the lightening capital of the country. A man was killed last night. I did get the lawn mowed today and then it stormed again. We need this rain so much and thank God for sending it to us. My husbands health is so bad now he hardly moves from his chair, even sleeps in it, he cannot lay down in bed because of pain. Our neighbor came over and helped me mow a bit. We have really good neighbors and that is a blessing.

ellie k said...

My daughter was helping ner husband put some metal post up on the truck and one slipped and hit her in top of the head, loosened a big Chung out of her head, the er was able to fix it back in and spray it with liquid stitch. Lost a lot of blood, and quiteainful. She will be ok but could have been a lot worse. They are both very short so everything is a job for them. Keep them in your thoughts, farming can be so dangerous.

threecollie said...

Nita, it makes me so sad to read about the dry areas out west. It is so wet here and it rains and rains and rains. Rain 17 out of 19 days!

Joated, seriously! The mosquitoes are just horrible!

Jan, truly! We sat on the porch last night while a red fox sat in the driveway. It was just dark enough that I didn't see it for a minute....

Linda, such weather. People are chopping hay between the storms, but nobody can bale.

Merri, I did look it up. Love the giant loon. It is hard to cope with the weather this year, although if we didn't need to garden and make hay I guess I might enjoy it. Take care!

Cathy, thank you. There is great beauty even in lousy weather.

Ellie, oh, dear, I am so sorry to read all this. Wish there was some way I could do something to ease your trails. Please take care, and thank you for taking time to comment, when you are dealing with so much.

ellie k said...

Thank you, my daughter is doing fine, she was back at the farm this morning to do some paper work. My son and family came in from Germany Sunday evening, that makes every thing better. Sons just know how to make a mother feel good. Daughters are great but they seem to belong to dad. We are having a good visit with our two kids and four grandkids. It is getting ready to storm now, this drain is so welcome as the dry season will soon be here. Your trip sounded like a fun and educational one. Thanks again for making me feel better and listening when I need to talk. Ellie

threecollie said...

ellie, I know just what you mean about sons...and daughters. Glad your family is around you...that means so much at any time, but especially when things get tough. Take care!