Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Climate in Upstate NY

There's trees in them thar hills. And brush. And swamps and bears and rocks.

Never mind the rain. Everyone is tired of talking about it, thinking about it, and living with it.

What I mean is the kind of atmosphere that exists when two very terrible men have been running loose for weeks and no one knows how to deal with such a thing. You can lock up and look out and hope they catch them, but you really never know.

Since the break out from Dannemora Prison has even made Fox News (where much of the discussion was so wrong as to be absurd....guess they don't realize just how wild it is up here) I'm sure you know what I mean.

We are quite some distance away, but everyone knows someone involved in this. Liz used to inspect five farms up there so she knows folks....and old friends from long ago still live there.....and we have had this on our minds. NY is a big state, but Upstate is a small community, no matter how many people live here.

I guess this has been on  everyone's else's minds too. 

Beck and the boss were over at the Dollar Store yesterday picking up some spaghetti sauce and stuff. The boss called me to be sure of the brand.

Just as he did, I saw the news on Facebook that one of the escapees had been shot by police. I told him and he mentioned it to the people near him in the store.

As word spread up and down the aisles, cheering broke out. People shook their fists and said, "Yeah!" Someone ran outside and hollered across the street with the news.

There was much relief.

I don't think of it as bloodthirsty or wrong headed either. People have been scared of these guys...and still are of the one who is left. When even a man's own family is relieved that he is no longer a threat to them, you can hardly blame people for being glad.

The sooner they catch the other one the better.

And, just about five minutes after I posted this comes the news that they did!

Good job!


Ann Ward said...

I know you must be relieved now that they have the 2nd one. Scary to think they could have shown up at your house one evening!

Anonymous said...

You are all safe in the Love that surrounds you like a force field, and your love of your family, farm and God there are like bubble wrap...all around. Two men , are now not a threat, and that is good.....peace in the hearts of good men and good land, and good animals is a gift...and we all treasure that. We are grateful for Peace.and for you all...--merri

jan said...

I thought they would have been long gone from New York state. I hate it when I'm wrong, but glad it's over.

Ruth said...

I thought they'd be gone too, was surprised they were still here. But very very glad that they were found!

threecollie said...

Ann, this used to be something we never even thought about. Now in the past fifteen years or so there have been at least three manhunts, one of them very close indeed...right here in our town!

Merri, thank you. We are so glad that threat is over now.

Jan, we thought at first that they would be in Mexico before they even got the search underway. Then they started finding DNA in remote hunting cabins. So glad this is over!

Ruth, it was a spooky thing. We know so many people up where they were looking.