Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Uninspired but Restless

It's cold. It's been raining...a lot....and I am faced with too darned much bookkeeping of the not much fun kind. Thus I find it hard to write about much of anything. 

We are shipping our red heifer today. I hate to do this, as I really like her, but we need beef and I hate to buy it in the store. We have one more beef animal in the pipeline so to speak and then we are going to have to buy one.

Kind of an odd prospect for us. 

Another odd thing. In Florida this New Year I decided I wanted to do better by myself. If I ever got to do other such cool things in the future maybe I could do them better. Faster. Stronger.

I decided to eat diet...just less.

And to do do more. Just do it, you know.

I had done pretty well too, up until Alan got me the phone with the pedometer. Clothes fit better. Felt better. More energy and all.

Then the pedometer entered my life, with that ten thousand step goal each day. I won't lie. Most days I average between 6 and 7 thou...... Mostly because of being busy doing stuff that doesn't involve walking. Haven't figured out yet how to walk and write or keep books.

However, the more I walk the more I want to walk. Talk about restless! I hopped up from the kitchen table yesterday in the early evening, grabbed Daisy's leash, and walked...quickly mind you...up to the Thirty-Acre Lot and back. Just to get moving.

And for the first time in my life I am fitter than my dog!!! There was plenty more walk left in me, but the little sausage ran out of steam. The prospect of carrying a wet, muddy, dog back to the house daunted me so we quit while we were ahead. Of course previous dogs (and hopefully future dogs) were Border Collies, and any and all of them would have still been raring to go even if we walked all the way to the top of 7-County Hill. Dachsies, not so much.

Ain't goals cool though? Whoda thunk it?


Rev. Paul said...

That's pretty cool - way to go!

A. Montgomery said...

Those iris are truly beautiful.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Good for you, Marianne! I'm temporarily laid up and feeling deprived of my daily vigorous walks. So I know how addicting they become -- and how good for us ,too. Lovely photos.

Cathy said...

And in walking your environs . . . the visual rewards are so beautiful.
I love backlit leaves and flowers.
Beautiful pictures.
Can you believe how recently it was still under snow?

Terry and Linda said...

You are inspiring me! I need to set the same goals for myself! Love your photos and your flowers.


Anonymous said...

Love to you all there with your goals , flowers, and love all around you.. Blessings ...Merri

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, thanks...some days it's hard but...

Mom, thanks, they are loving this long, cool spring. Jackie D. gave me the white and purple two years ago. I can't believe how nicely they have come along. The yellows were Peg's. Love you

Jacqueline, thanks. I think of you often, unable to participate in this wonderful season. I hope your planned surgery restores all this to you....take care

Cathy, I have almost forgotten snow...I manage to do so pretty much every summer. However, the past couple of winters have been so lousy it is getting harder. It is a wonderful time of year though.

Linda, I think you walk more in one day with Boomer and all the irrigation stuff than I do in a week! lol Thanks

Merri, thank you. I am very goal oriented I guess. But I love to procrastinate too.