Thursday, June 04, 2015

Wot no Santa Maria?

The Pinta out of Wilmington, Delaware

I am doing my darndest to give that pedometer a workout, so I was at the bottom of the driveway ......walk, walk, walk......looking at little flycatchers and deeming them phoebe.... when Liz rumbled down the hill in the pickup.

She was bound for Cumby's to return a movie and buy some milk.

She told me that Jade had seen some kind of ship tied up in Fonda and suggested I join her since I had the camera anyhow. Maybe we could get some I clambered up in the mean feat for someone of my limited height and flexibility......and off we went.

The ships were tied up at the state barn where we go to photograph geese every now and then. I was delighted to see my favorite Greylag, which hangs out with the Canadas there....and on the river no less. First time I ever saw it actually swim.

See the Greylag on the far right?

And there they were. Two ancient-looking sailing ships tied up alongside the state tugs and tenders. What a divergence! Modern river boats, all red and white and blue and yellow paint. Two vintage ladies, all dark timber and hard lines.

We hurried home for supper and to look them up. Turns out they are museum ships, said to be the best replicas in existence of the ones Christopher Columbus sailed in search of our wonderful continent. They will be docked in Rochester for tours next week.

There was a welcoming committee on the sitting porch

I am so glad Jade spotted them! Who would expect to see a Caravel in Fonda?

A little goose at sunset


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Cool ships! But the photo of Peggy is priceless :)

A. Montgomery said...

I agree with throwback. Peggy's welcome is priceless.

Cathy said...

Yes! I see the greylag . . . and also that adorable Peggy with her dear dad who seems doing ok despite that unfortunate tick bite.

Terry and Linda said...

WOW! How neat this is! I love that smile of Peggy's! MOM!!! GRANDMOM!!! It says! I'm glad Jade seems to be doing better!


Anonymous said...

WOW how thrilling to see a ship like that and thanks for the history lesson too. My fav picture though is the last one of course.How happy is lamb chops there with her dear daddy ? Darling. --Now I am -going to read the article now on the Caravel. Love the Greylag too...we have ou rCanadian geese back up here on the lake across the street from me, I will look for the different kinds. Thanks.for point that out I think .they are all so handsome for sure. Cold here in NE Mn... so loons are not calling as much, nor ducks around in the yard. Blessings on your eve. a cozy sweet night to you..Merri

threecollie said...

Nita, she was pretty happy to see us. lol

Mom, the whole evening was pretty cool. Love you

Cathy, he seems to be getting better and better from that, thankfully, after a number of nasty relapses. Danged ticks anyhow. And we are overrun with deer this summer.

Linda, he has been a long haul, but he is. Thanks

Merri, Loons! How delightful. We only hear them on our week at camp, although years and years ago one flew over the heifer pasture, much to my thrill. Peggy is a pip, although she is cutting SIX molars!!!!, which leads to some not-unexpected crankiness, poor baby. The Greylag has been delighting me for at least five or six years. It is probably an escapee from some barnyard somewhere, but it faithfully remains down there at the state barn with its Canadian mate. I would love to see it fly someday, but I never have yet. Thanks