Wednesday, July 29, 2015

All the Luxuries of Summer

Starting more days than not with perfect sunrises. Summer mornings are amazing.... I love stepping out of my room to gold and red light leaping down the hallway and dancing along the upstairs walls. This morning it came in through the front room windows and painted pretty red shapes on the wall by the stairs as it slipped between the carvings on the railing.

Getting dressed in under twenty minutes and not suffering the miseries of the frozen while doing so. In winter, while layering on all the turtlenecks and sweatshirts and sweaters that are required even indoors here, I often lament the absent wonders of light cotton shorts and Hawaiian shirts. In summer I just wear them.

Nibbling green beans on the way in from the garden. Yeah, and without even washing them first. Living dangerously, heh, heh, heh........ In fact, eating the imperfect ones while picking, right out there in the garden, as in, "Hey, this one is broken! Can't take that into the kitchen to freeze. Om, nom, nom....."

Hummingbirds in the Scarlet Runner Beans.

Scarlet Runner Beans.

Drying laundry on the clothesline. Those yards of heavy rope....none of your flimsy thin stuff for us farm women...are premium space in summer, as with all the folks living here there are lots of things to dry. A good hay day like yesterday is a good laundry day too.I start doing wash at daybreak and bring the last of it inside a couple of hours before the dew sets. It is not in any way punishing to do so never know when the hummers will hover by or an eagle will soar right overhead.

Playing Facebook games with my mother.....I am so lucky, not only to have a wonderful mother, and an amazing, clever, and loving father, but to have a mom who LIKES game requests and plays Bejeweled Blitz and all that stuff with me. 

It is sweet indeed to see her name and avatar there waiting for me and I am grateful every day...I like to play with my daughters and friends too, but moms are so special....It is also nice that my very first Internet friend from It's Your Turn back in 2000 when we first joined the Internet madhouse, is out of the hospital and back to play games and post funny stuff on my timeline.....You can sure make great friends with people you have never met, thanks to this amazing technology... I am grateful for that year round.

Lookin' out my Back Door

I could go on all day, but I guess you can tell I am not a fan of winter. Even with the heat sapping my get up and go so I have to go to bed early and all, I love this time of year. The grass is lying tawny in the old heifer pasture, head high to the pair of cows and the calf out there. Looking out over the field behind the house is like watching a moving painting by the Master, with soft white clouds sliding west to east across the hilltop all day long.

The day lilies are blooming as are the bee balm and the chicory, making every trip outdoors a treat. Now if only the robins on the sitting porch would fledge and let me sit out there of an evening.......


A. Montgomery said...

Daughter you echo my sentiments. Your father keeps it pretty chilly in here with the air conditioner but if I want to warm up I just step outside. I love to look at the blue skies and green grass and sometimes even white thunderheads. Summer is indeed a beautiful season.

Anonymous said...

The grass is lying tawny in the old heifer pasture, head high to the pair of cows and the calf out there. Looking out over the field behind the house is like watching a moving painting by the Master, with soft white clouds sliding west to east across the hilltop all day long."

Oh such blessings you give sharing your family, your pets, your sunshine and your beautiful writing. I love it all as it lifts my own Spirit upward to be grateful for what I well. Hope you follow at some point and write a lovely book using your blog posts. ...blessings and gratitude to you all..Merri

Terry and Linda said...

I love your farm and looking at it through your eyes!

I so love summer!


ellie k said...

When we lived on the farm and needed a sturdy clothes line my dad got a really long piece of wire and stretched it for us. It held the heavy quilts, overalls and rugs without sagging. Lasted for years. Who is the black cow, new?

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

You have found the secret to happiness, Marianne: your gratitude for the wonders that surround you. And then you share that happiness with those of us who delight in your account of perfect summer days.

threecollie said...

Mom, despite less than ideal weather for making hay this has been one of the most beautiful summers I can remember. I am trying to make sure to enjoy every moment. Love you!

Thank you, Merri, your kind words mean a lot to me. And I do love summer!

Linda, same here. And I think of you every time I pass the flowers that I need to dig for you. I have marked them out so I can find them when it gets a little cooler. And I water the yellow iris every time I hit the scarlet runner beans.

Ellie, yep, ordinary clothesline doesn't hold up at all. This stuff has been out there between the honey locust tree and the old swing set for fourteen years. The black bovine is a little steer we saved when we sold the cows. We kept him to raise for house beef. I just thought he was looking pretty good for being half dairy cow.

Jacqueline....wish I had stopped to take more notice sooner, although I have always loved the outdoors. Good thing too. I stepped out at dusk last night and nearly stepped ON a gigantic garter snake on the step. Just as I was tap dancing to avoid squashing him, a deer coughed about ten feet from me. I felt like George of the Jungle or something. lol