Friday, July 10, 2015

Field Names

Speaking of cars, I miss this guy

They tend to grow from descriptions that pop up in conversations about the day's plans and adventures.

"You know, the field where Dad put the little tree through the haybine...." The boss's dad that soon becomes "The Brush Lot." Trees and brush are not friends to haybines.

60-Acre Lot, 30-Acre Lot, Field behind the Barn, Old Pasture Lot, Hickory Tree Field, and Seven County Hill are self-explanatory.

The T Field is shaped like a "T", which shows clearly on aerial photographs.

The Old Spreader Field is where they tipped up an old manure spreader to cannibalize the wheels for something else.

Sometimes there is a story behind the names. So it is with Stolen Car Lot. It was before my time, so I don't know what it's old name was, but years ago, when the boss was a boy, someone stole a car nearby. They must have panicked when pursued, because they didn't keep it long.

It was just after the family bought this farm....they had been farming on the other one a while.

 His older brother was hunting out there when he spotted something shiny stuffed under the brush of the hedgerow.

It was the stolen car. It had been partly dismantled and the parts were scattered under canvases. 

The situation was reported to the appropriate authorities, who came and investigated and had it towed out.

So the field got a new name. We still wonder how they got it back there. 


joated said...

It's that way when a group of guys lease a farm for hunting, too. We had an "Eleven-pointer Field," an "Apple Tree Field," a "Swamp Field" (it bordered a swamp, it wasn't a swamp--unless it rained really, really hard), a "Manure Pile Field" (the spreader broke down one cold winter and the farmer had to do something with what the cows produced besides milk), an "Elevator Stand Field" (it was a really high tree stand), a "Stone Fence Field," and a "Soy Bean Field" (it grew many corn harvests, but it was soy beans the first year and remained soy beans in name).

Anonymous said...

I love that!!! Love your FIELD cool. I might be able to do that with the woods here...let'se see: ALCApone's woods, the woods where lots of secrets are kept up here form the wild wolly guy's hideaway there; the Tower Soudan woods, where the SOudan mine( you can hit it up if you like) resides....and is a tour place now; the West Bay Walleye Hole woods---well you know that reason for that one;The chipermonky woods( lots of critters there) but I love your most, as those really hae a story that YOU dealt with personally. You are so fun!!! Thanks and hope camp is coming up and sun is out..-----Merri

ellie k said...

When we farmed we had a pasture named up in the bottom. It seemed normal to me until I met my husband. He started questioning the name . It was bottom land but up toward town. Do you rent out the un used pasture you have?

threecollie said...

Joated, I love it! I have always enjoyed the way land is named so descriptively and how the names linger for so long.

Merri, that is so funny. Wait until you see what happened here today! Never a dull moment....never. lol

Ellie, it makes perfect sense to me. Names just stick that way and everybody involved knows just what you mean. Some of our fields have even been named while I was here, although this farm was old when I met the boss over thirty years ago. The Old Pasture Lot was a pasture when I came. I pointed out to the boss that an awful lot of good ground was being grazed over by cows so we put up a fence and put it in corn. The cows didn't miss it and what a crop it grew. Now it is in hay and still a nice field. take care!