Wednesday, July 08, 2015


The guys worked this field up and then couldn't get it planted.
The mustard was glad to plant itself.

I think this is the greenest summer I have ever seen. Even the morning and evening light is green. A glance out the kitchen window shows nothing but....even the sky seems green-tinted because every inch is surrounded by green leaves and green grass. It rains pretty much two out of three days....great for growing things, awful for harvesting them.

It is decadently lush. 

The garden is pretty stable...Beans are blooming; baby peas and squash are forming.

As are weeds, which return daily and with great enthusiasm. 

They are really going to get a stranglehold next week when we go to camp. cows. The rain has washed a lot of gravel down here

 I've been packing, a little each day. Poles and noodles and swim suits and personal flotation devices and spoons and forks and paper plates. It takes a lotta stuff to live a week away from home the way we do it, but it sure is fun.

Hit the library yesterday for one of the most important ingredients of the week.

You can see why they call it Birdsfoot Trefoil

Books! I was thrilled to find a Del Shannon that I don't have, out in back in the free stuff. Shannon is so much fun to read. No political correctness, no sobbing sympathy for the bad guys, just good, strong, good vs evil mysteries. I guess that dates me, but I can remember when things were different than now.

We will be here until Saturday......

Meanwhile, the river is awful high.


A. Montgomery said...

We got our fishing lisences and I dug out my black bread box for perishables. Washed the wool blankets. Dad found some flys and a flyrod and reel. That is about how far we are.

Anonymous said...

Sounds so fun , you all going on the camping trip. It will clear and be hot and nice I am sure..even if it does not it is still fun and know you will love every minute! Blessings ---Merri

Terry and Linda said...

CAMPING and are almost there! YAY!


Cathy said...

Tell you what. If someone like you who lives so close to the land . . . notes exceptional 'greening' . . . it reassures me that my similar judgement is sound. It's incredible.

Happy vacation. We'll look forward to your sharing the adventure.

threecollie said...

Mom, can't wait to see you there. Love you!

Merri, I hope it is nice, but if not we will just read books and play Scrabble. lol

Linda, my favorite week of the year!

Cathy, thanks....the green thing has been so striking! I love it, but would enjoy it a lot more if we weren't making hay. The gardens look spectacular except for not being able to weed when we want to because of the wet. And the bunnies.. and the deer. lol