Monday, July 27, 2015

I am Tempted

Got humidity?

To complain about the heat. Besides being one of the wettest on record here, this summer has been cool so far. Downright cold even. I am still washing flannel shirts and hoodies every week.

Robins have taken over this porch
and will not allow me to sit here. It is one of my favorite things to do in summer

We have noticed that the berries are rather sour and the vegetables slow to mature, probably because of this trend. 

Summer has a stinger

Now we are going to get some genuine summer weather, well into the nineties they say......although even at its hottest it won't rival the places where some of you are.....

I hear numbers with three digits bandied about all across the country. Can't remember the last time we saw that and don't want to, not at all, at all. Nineties in a region this humid are nasty, but compared to thank you! The corn is going to love it though. I'll bet you can almost hear it growing even this morning.

And a fancy little skirt

Plus all I have to do to get myself over the whining is to look through pictures taken during one of our other seasons.


Anonymous said...

I am right with you...did not see the post yesterday but up here in ME MN it is complaints, sweat dripping from nose and NO BREEZE.....rather interesting..we just go jump in one of teh lakes around love your place...cozy and sweet and lovely..home in Merri

Earl said...

Just got back from the Minnesota corn fields, and they are loving every minute of the rain and sunshine, taller than I, but I suspect I have shrunk.

threecollie said...

Merri, it wasn't all that bad during the day and unpleasant, but you could stand it. However, night when the house is still full of the hot air it collected during the day it was miserable. I haven't turned the AC on in two years and I am trying not to.....

Earl, supposed to be as high as an elephant's eye I believe. I haven't been out around the country in a couple of weeks and we didn't plant any this year...