Thursday, July 02, 2015

Now, if only I can hold onto this

We are supposed to get a little stretch of good weather, starting today. Maybe....I don't trust the gurus, as, once it starts raining like it has been, the air just keeps sucking up water over the ground and dumping it back down on us.

However, we will take it if we can get it

The doe and fawn on the hill the other day came right down to the horse barn day before yesterday. This is about the length of the outstretched honey locust tree...were it to lie down....or maybe even a little less from the house.

It is also about thirty feet from the garden, which is still being mauled by bunnies. I put out fabric softener sheets and they thought those were so nifty they started stealing them.

Prolly some real sweet scented bunny nests out there.... aluminum foil pans on strings going up today. Shoulda put them up a week ago, but it has just been so rainy and cold I have hated to go in the garden for fear of spreading disease among susceptible plants.

Otherwise, it is all catching up paper work and packing for camp. Every single year I put my packing list away where I can find it and then forget where I put it. Last year I let Beck in on the secret, but she forgot too. Guess I put camp away in a quiet closet in my mind and only take the memory out when things get to be too much....

Anyhow, we are busily adding to yet another new list and taking care of business......Only six months filing to do....going on seven.

Oh, well, maybe it will keep me off of Facebook, which instead of sporting cute pictures of kitties and pretty cows, has become a septic tank of outrage and ignorance.


Jacqueline Donnelly said...

That sunshine beams extra sweetly after so many days of gloom. May a stretch of fine weather last long enough to grace your well-deserved vacation at camp.

ellie k said...

We had to put up a short fence around the part of the garden we wanted to save, the neighbors rabbits have made the neighborhood yards and gardens there salad bowl. We now have an armadillo that digs for food that is tearing up our yard. We would trap it but it is illegal to do so, they are protected here in Florida. They are so nasty looking and do so much damage. Our poor farmers are fighting wild boars, they can tear up a pasture or groove in a night. It is open season on them at all times. They young ones are very tasty roasted. My grand daughter is 13 and has already bagged a nice size one, they had the whole thing made into sausage. Yummy.

Terry and Linda said...

Your photo is outstanding! I love how you captured the sun!


Anonymous said...

Oh are you blessed to go to camp..or camping....even though it might be wet or anything else, it is still a get away..and is good to change perspective...even if it is a bit damp. SMell of woods, fires, hot dogs, freedom and somehow our gratitude expands out in the woods at a fire. Blessings dear people, have a blessed the view back on your so peafecul and green. Love, Merri

Cathy said...

Wonderful picture of gently grasping the sun!
And yes! Bring on the good weather. Fingers crossed.

threecollie said...

Jacqueline, it does! And thanks, two weeks of dry would be most welcome. It would be nice if they came when the boy was getting home on weekends....every other week. he is such a help to his dad

Ellie, that is awful! I am so worried about boars. A few of them made it into NY, either escaped from game farms or migrated up from Pennsylvania. The DEC can't make up its mind whether we should shoot on sight or not shoot at all and let them trap them. None here, but Alan saw a feral hog about five miles from here a couple of years ago. I dread seeing one and I am sorry you are facing them...and armadillos...and rabbits.

Linda, thanks, it was fun. I just happened to go walking at sunset and I was in one of our few spots where you can see west without too many trees or buildings.

Merri, you are so right about the joys of camping. The cabin we rent has a porch right over the can fish right off it...I can't wait to let Peggy catch her first fish. The rock bass come right up and bite about anything you drop down there. My brothers and I grew up fishing in the same lake, as my family has done since my grandparents' days. I love it there!

Cathy, thanks, it was fun. I have seen many done much better, but it was a really nice evening with Indigo Buntings all around and I just had a good time playing.

ellie k said...

Shoot them on sight and put them in the freezer. They multiply like rabbits.if you can get young ones and cut them they make much better meat, if my family can get young ones we feed them out and then butcher them. I am looking forward to your camping trip, you always have some great pics to show.

threecollie said...

ellie, I agree that that is the best strategy. However, the state conservation department can't decide what to do with the darned things. I didn't know you could catch them and feed them out. What a great idea! I am looking forward to camp too. I love the peaceful mornings on the porch and the lack of hustle and hurry. This place is always such a madhouse!