Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Stills.....Groups of Birds

Getting ready to rumble

Duck wars

And stay out!

A perfect challenge for us for this week, as we were at the lake, where birds abounded. Ducks, as you can see, don't much like each other. The Mallards and Black Ducks were at war all week. They would start a quick, staccato quacking as soon as they saw each other, sail towards one another, check each other out, and then erupt into violent ducking and splashing. Quite entertaining, even if wet....even in the photos only showing a couple of ducks there were actually many more....they were just underneath the melee. 

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Ed said...

Great shots, liked the duckling pic best.. :-)

Cathy said...

Well . .. duck warfare sure made for some pretty pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Looks just ducky... I have ducks here and they do not like th epigeons I feed here..they come in the yard, the two mallards,,,soft quacking, but the pigeons do not like them and flap..flap...ducks are quite nice to them though...gentlemen... Pigeons are not nice at all, then smaller birds well they get more seed when the others are in mild territory dispute in the sanctuary....have a fun week. Blessings---Merri

threecollie said...

Ed, thanks, there were very many of them around

Cathy, they were so funny! And very violent!

Merri, we had a wonderful time. Now we must start harvesting the garden and getting rid of all the weeds that grew while we were gone. Thanks.

Carol Williams said...

We too have ducky wars. We have 2 large Pekins, 4 Khaki Campbells, and 7 Mallard/Pekin mixed ducks (their mamas were Mallards, dad was the Pekin; unfortunately a fox got both of the moms, grrr...). They all go into the same coop at night and there's peace, but during the day they free range and everyone fusses!