Saturday, July 11, 2015

What was That....Wait, what IS that?

Camp starts this noon. See you next Saturday afternoon.

However, things are still rolling here at the farm. Welcome to the madhouse....I get up  a couple hours before the rest of the crew for some quiet time and to get some chores done while house is still.

First job is to take Daisy out for her little walkies.

I opened the porch door to find that during the night something had wreaked havoc.

The snow shovel, brush nippers, tool boxes, garden stuff, hose nozzles, etc. were strewn and tangled everywhere.

The wood of the wall....not the world's sturdiest wall...was chewed away on the corner of the door to make a round hole so whatever it was could escape.

My guess when I went out there and sniffed the air was was sort of a wet, rank, doggy odor. The hole is about the right size....

I woke up the boss, because that is what wives do. He got out the .410 and put in a couple of shells and we took a look around. 

After I put on gloves and cleaned up the mess that is. Lots of rabies around Peggy will have to be carried through the porch for a few days.

Something rustled in the bushes under the mulberry tree, but odds are that was just a deer. We went back inside to talk about the Amsterdam Mohawks ball game he went to last night...guess he had quite a time.

And cell phone rang. It was Liz, making no sense at all. Something about a calf, but incoherent with excitement.

 We bred both old cows last year. Moon didn't calve to the service we had on record and neither did Bama. We didn't care too much....

We had vague memories of talking about breeding Moon a second time, but it wasn't written down (my bad) and no one actually remembered doing it. I thought she looked bred when we brought them in the barn last Saturday because of concern that local fireworks might scare them. She wasn't bagging though, and I just said, nah, we never bred her again.

Guess we did though. It's a girl.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Sounds like here...grab the .410 and creep around outside. Poor guys always having to do the avenging!

Love that baby, I bet Peggy is going to like having a calf!

Terry and Linda said...

A baby...I so love baby cows! YAY! for you!


12Paws said...

Can you possibly actually leave for camp with a new baby to watch over--and a future milker at that? I remember my grandpa beaming ear to ear when a girl calf was born. Sweet memories! Take care in the bush.

Sahila Saa said...


like a baby cow

devila - devila distro

Carol Williams said...

My husband got tired of me making him go check things out, so he got me a youth shotgun, and then strapped a really powerful flashlight on it. I have had foxes eat 2 of my mallard mamas, on eggs; an entire crop of new keets (baby guineas), and several of my favorite hens.

I am going to shoot a fox, have him stuffed, and at Christmas make him wear a Santa hat. Just wait....

Milk Processing said...

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ellie k said...

I hope your vacation was just perfect, it is always nice to just get away from home a few days but good to get home again too.