Wednesday, August 05, 2015

A Great Visit

I love to talk gardening, flowers, plants, and birds and all. It's my kind of gossip and there are never enough opportunities for same.

Thus a late morning visit from a favorite aunt and uncle of mine was spectacular in every way and way, way too short.

 I am making refrigerator dills out of the cukes they brought us, and soon I will freeze the zucchini.....ours has been pretty sad this year.

I already potted up the lovely coleus...what amazing colors!!!!

Now to savor memories of all we talked about and to look forward to the next time we can get together. How sweet it is to have such family all around us.


Terry and Linda said...

Does it feel like fall is coming your way?


Anonymous said...

SUcha blessing to have family around you like that!!! Feels like early fall in NE Mn too. Love your kind of gossip.....have a wonderful evening...--Merri

threecollie said...

Linda, it is downright chilly this morning. Shiverish...brr.... people tell me their maple trees are turning already in the county to the north of us. Dagnabbit, after this rainy cold summer we do NOT need an early fall. Sure is nice to work in though.

Merri, I have been so fortunate all my life in my family. Amazing people who have cared for me my whole life. You have a good day too, thanks.