Saturday, August 29, 2015


Tractor and Baler

If you don't GoPro. Alan and I went up to look at the hay field his dad has been cutting and to pace off the distance in some target shooting he had been doing (inch and a half groupings at 330 yards, shooting prone on a hay wagon at gong targets on the hay bale in this story. His new .223 the tool involved.)

Same tractor from the top of the hill, through the gateway using full zoon

Then we went up Seven-County-Hill to take some photos and just look over the valley and the mountains beyond. I have been trying forever to get shots that give an idea of just how high that hill is and how far you can see.

Tractor from the top with no zoom.
Gate is between the two large trees in the center,
one being the hickory tree that Hickory Tree Field,
 to our right here, you can just see the corner of it is named after.
Tractor can be seen through the gate....sorta

It was pretty clear last night, lighting and shadows were good, so you can kinda get the idea from the photos.

And I got the idea to make a GoAmateur video so you can really get a feel for it. The video was shot over Alan's shoulder as we descended the hill on his quad. The blurry parts are because I had to keep my distance glasses on...not enough I couldn't see at all what I was shooting.

Hang on! That blob in the center of the cut field is a bale of hay...the target holder.


Terry and Linda said...

That was fun! I love the four-wheeler ride! YOUR LAND IS HUGE, tall and wide! We are so nothing like you. Your world is also green...many, many shades of green. Can you just imagine how stunningly awful it was for the people who migrated from there to here in the 1800-early 1900 must have felt...Lush green world and then us.

Thank you for the treat!


Anonymous said...

WOW you surely got the FEEL of the land in that beautiful ,sweet, ride. Why I could smell the greens....and hear the birdies.Such peace is there in your world, such love and such proof of God's unfolding majesty in each leaf, grass and flower. Thank you! Merri

Uta said...

Thanks for the ride. Your land is just beautiful, what a treat.

threecollie said...

Linda, wow, that is a thought. Imagine how challenging it was to learn to farm land out west after living here where it rains a lot and the soil is deep and lush. Men and women are so inventive and stubborn and strong.

merri, thanks, I am so glad that it came through that way. I have been frustrated for a long time trying to get across just how high that hill is and how far you can see.

Uta, thank you!