Monday, August 03, 2015

Got the Blues

Early morning walk yesterday just to have a look around. We seem to have the blues.

You have to look closely...maybe click and enlarge,
but there are three adult male Indigo Buntings hanging around the diskbine here

Two in this one

And one.....

I went over to the barnyard with the exact purpose of looking for Indigo Buntings. I knew there had been a pair there all summer. Yesterday morning though, the foxtails were full of them. I saw at least three adult males and another bunch of females and youngsters. I know these photos aren't the greatest. They are very shy and I had to sneak up behind the skid steer even to get them..... but if you look closely.....

Chicory provided bits of fallen sky. Nice accents among the Queen Ann's Lace.

And then there was that leftover Blue Moon. It got stuck for a while on the old lightning rod before it set behind the heifer barn.

Later in the day much hay was made....bears crocheted....machines repaired...oil changes enacted and dust produced on roads and in mows. Our boy had to climb out on the cross mow elevator to dislodge a sticky bale. That is never fun.

The morning though, was like a stained glass window in shades of blue and calm and soft and serene. I sure enjoyed it.

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