Monday, August 24, 2015

Leash Walks

Coyote track I found in the gate between the house yard and the cow yard on one of my butterfly trips
You can't really see how big it is from this photo, but I first went to ask Liz is Ren had been over here before I decided that it was a yote.
And Ren is a big dog. However, around here our coyotes are big dogs too
They once came very close to taking down a good sized pony right in view of the road. Thankfully passersby drove them off.

For Daisy from now on, unless the sun is well up and family activities have started out around the barns and buildings. She is a tough little pup, but at only twelve pounds she would make a nice snack for the critter that left that track. Too bad...she loves to hunt around the buildings.

This little light of mine


joated said...

Small dogs and cats are favorite snacks of the more urbanized coyotes. Keep an eye out for that critter or the chickens, turkeys and rabbits will be on the menu.

Love Miss Peggy's "Git 'er done" styling! She's a cutie!

lisa said...

She looks so adorable in that outfit!

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Farm girl!

jan said...

I love those macho boots with that girly outfit. The two sides of Peggy.

Terry and Linda said...

She is adorable!

COYOTES my lest favorite critter...grrrrr.


threecollie said...

Joated, we have a large pack...or maybe more than one. They are big and they are bold. We used to have quite a few barn there are only a couple, plus one big fat newbie that seems to have showed up from the housing development to our east. There is just so much vacant land all around us-they have the perfect habitat.

Lisa, she is such a funny girl! lol

Nita, she is! She drags anybody who will go with her on long walks out around the yard and barns.

Jan, that is her for sure. She is cute as a button in a little her other grandma got her, but she loves her boots too.

Linda, I used to love to hear them howling.....because I remember when we didn't have any around here. And then I got a job on a farm and got chickens and stuff and they took a hold and took over. Now they eat about anything from cats to calves.I have to laugh at the "they were here first and we are on their land" folks. Nope, not coyotes. They have moved into this area in my lifetime.

Cathy said...

Yikes. Scary - that coyote business.

Love the pictures of sweet Peggy.

threecollie said...

Cathy, thanks, they do worry me. So many things that we like that they like to eat.