Sunday, August 02, 2015

Places of the Heart

View from the back seat

Our boy took me out scouting fields yesterday on his quad. We stopped to see what the boss was doing with one of the hay wagons...cannibalizing a hub off an old derelict one to get this functional one back in business.

Will the old one fit?

Then we went to some of the back fields to see what the hay looks like. Some is pretty good. Some is pretty awful. It is all pretty though.

It was a nice ride. I love to get a chance to see all the way back fields without hiking up all those hills, although I do walk as far as the 30-Acre Lot pretty much every week, and back to Hickory Tree Field and the Old Spreader Field pretty often.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Love seeing the green, we are burnt up out here.

jan said...

All of your rainy days have paid off. How lush is your world.

Terry and Linda said...

OH! Your land is just beautiful! Full of rich lush green!


Anonymous said...

Pure emerald enchantiment.!!! fun to ride with your son...and see that beauty you call your dwelling place...peaceful and purposeful and tranquil. ---Merri

threecollie said...

Nita, sorry to read that! We are oddly dry despite all the rain. It doesn't seem to soak in much. However, stuff is still growing. Including the weeds. I was out pulling amaranth that invaded the onions while we were at camp and I could barely get it out of the ground!

Jan, it is sure green. Daisy vanished yesterday when the kids had her outside and I was horrified!!! Can you imagine looking for a ten pound dog in all that vegetation!!! Turns out she had found her way into the heifer barn haymow and was ratting. Little rat herself. I was scared silly!

Linda, green indeed, weeds and all. lol

Merri, it is fun! I guess I am going to have to learn to drive the thing as I love to visit the back fields and he is very busy.