Thursday, August 06, 2015

Putting A Face on Agriculture

Ten years ago farm organizations were just beginning to encourage farmers to take to social media to tell the farming story. They wanted everyday farm people to talk to our neighbors and customers and put a face on farming.

Activists were certainly telling stories, half truths, untruths, and downright outrageous whoppers, trying to end modern agriculture as we know it. Folks figured that farmers had better get on board with that before they missed the whole darned train.

The Farm Side was seven years old by then, but its reach was and is mostly limited to local folks. This is a farming county so it probably tends toward preaching to the choir.

I thought I'd give blogging a try, maybe talk about farming with some new and different people and do my share to promote farming. 

The folks around this house are a pretty vociferous lot so it was also a chance to get a turn to talk.

That was ten years ago today. If you've been around for the whole ride, you have seen a small family dairy farm prosper, struggle, and fall.

Talk about a train wreck. Selling the cows sure felt like one.

You've seen it do a small scale phoenix act with the hay business and maybe even grab a little toehold on hope for a different but positive future.

I hope you have enjoyed it. I sure have.

It has been the most amazing trip that I could never have imagined, before I hopped on that agvocation train. I found friends from Colorado to California and from Canada to England. From Tennessee and Indiana and Florida and Texas. South Dakota, Minnesota, North Carolina and South, Oklahoma, Arizona and nearly every state you could name. East, West, North and South of here and places I had never heard of before this..

People whom I've never met and most likely never will are as close as talking over the back fence with a neighbor. have become very dear to my heart.

I've actually gotten to meet a couple of you and enjoyed that a great deal. I've lost a good friend and wondered how you mourn somebody you didn't really know, except that you did.

It's been great. Thanks for riding along. 

Today dozens of bright young farmers are doing a spectacular job of putting a face on farming and telling our story. I salute them for the connection they are making with people everywhere.

Meanwhile, I guess I'll keep on too, because, let's face it....this is fun.

Here is something I rarely share....the actual face that I have turned toward agriculture for the last few decades.

A little Throwback Thursday...
Guess I still look as stubborn as I did in Kindergarten 

And I still hate having my picture taken


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

You look like the determined beautiful gal that you are, then and now! I have loved "getting to know" your family through your blogging. Your blog is the first one I started reading and I'm still reading, not just because you're still blogging but because you tell it like it is, good or bad. Thank you so much lady for doing all that you do. And it doesn't hurt that now one of the cutest little farm girls I ever did see is making an appearance on your blog too ;)

A. Montgomery said...

I see you found the picture. I remember that. First off, you didn't want to go to school and the only way I could convince you was to tell you "they" would put Daddy in jail if you didn't go. Then you took to it, like a duck to water. You loved it. Came the news that the next day you were going to have your pictures taken. All the kids. "I don't want to have my picture taken. It will take time away from school standing around. I wont do it." "You will, because you have too." So we curled your hair and dressed you up. Your hankie was pinned to your dress with the rooster pin. I have always loved this picture which shows what a determined little cuss you were. I love you daughter. Very very much. Mom

12Paws said...

A perfectly fine picture! I can see the smile creeping up your cheeks starting to put the sparkle in your eyes! I love your humor and the way you write straight from your heart.

Cathy said...

Oh Marianne! No wonder Miss Peggy is so adorable. What a great post.

Anonymous said...

Love this and adore both pictures of a beautiful little girl, and beautiful woman who writes like a dream and tells it yes , like it is.WOnderful it see you that day in kindergarten so determined..and glad dad did not have to go to jail. HA HA love your blog your farm your family, your views, your ability to speak out with such candor and know who you are..LOVE THAT..thank you for are one of the total bright spots in my day for sure. Blessings, Merri

threecollie said...

Nita, that goes both ways. I hope things are going okay for you folks. Take care.

Mom, I had forgotten that story! Guess I haven't changed much. Love you dearly.

12Paws, thank you! It is so much fun getting to know folks

Cathy, thank you kindly. Hope all is well with you and Keith. Loved that bird and frog site you shared. There is something hanging around that I can't identify even though I have seen it at a distance and heard it several times. I am kinda excited. lol

Merri, thank you, and blessings to you too. Your kind words are a great encouragement and inspiration to me every day.

Terry and Linda said...

You are the cutest thing.

I loved your mom's memory!

Like you I can't imagine any other life.


Denny144 said...

You had me worried there for a minute. I thought you were leading up to a Good-bye, I'm done with the blog. Which would be hugely disappointing. Thanks for all you share (including your photo).

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

I can't think of anyone better than you to put a good human face on farming. Your stories are real, compelling, and beautiful, and I sure am glad you will continue to tell them to us. Along with posting your wonderful photos of farm country and farm country folks. Yours is the blog I turn to first. My grandma and grandpa were farmers, and your vivid accounts always revive so many memories that I cherish. We never have to meet in person (although we don't live that far apart) for me to think of you as my friend. Thank you for staying with us.

threecollie said...

Linda, thanks, I got a kick out of it too. I had heard the story, but it had kinda sunk into the back of my memory. I was such a goofy little kid. lol

Denny, no, I do think of quitting now and then..I think all bloggers do...but it is too much fun to talk to people around the country and I would miss it terribly. Thanks for commenting!

Jacqueline, thank you my friend. It has been fun and you are one of the wonderful people it has been such a pleasure to get to know. And I love to learn....your blog has taught me so much about plants. I look at them differently thank you for that too.