Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Inside a rotten lemon

Last night just the three of us, Becky, the boss, and I, were home, enjoying a quiet supper. Home grown beef and stuff from the garden makes it all good.

Then the kids called from up west where they had attended a wedding and said, "Batten down the hatches; it's hailing here and power lines are lying right in the road."


When we came inside the sun was shining and all was calm and peaceful. We abandoned our plates and hustled outside to find the darndest sky we had ever seen. It was like being inside a lemon.

A rotten lemon.

Complete with mid-storm rainbow

We barely had time to snatch the curing onions off the wagon, cardboard box them into the dining room, and drag the laundry upstairs, shutting windows all the way, before it hit. 

Wham! I don't think we got much damage, but the winds were wild and the rain torrential...

I spent nearly the whole storm, after the hatches were suitably battened, running around taking pictures of the crazy clouds. The colors were insane....colors none of us had ever seen in the sky before.

Eerie clouds just the color of cotton candy...the blue kind!

Pretty awesome in fact. 

It stormed off and on all night, with wild lightning waking us more than once.

Hope by now everyone up around Fort Plain has their power back on. They are predicting a replay for tonight.

 I find it interesting that I read just this week that the weather is going to get really, really bad by 2050 or 2060. Since this storm started out by being predicted to be a 20% chance of scattered showers it kinda makes me wonder.....just sayin'

Plus a turtle as the storm slowly moved away to make room for the next one


Rev. Paul said...

Glad y'all are okay. Those clouds are cool, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the turtle and inside the ROTTEN LEMON look ho ho ho good that is so good to describe that lemon green color...coudl jus tsee you scampering.....I was out in the yard here, dak winter like day up this way cool form 90 to 59 forty drop...and standing just askin''what to do next about the sale of Willow House here and how to , if to when to....this seven color rainbow so perfect, and deep deep color appeared in the East out of nothwere.....it got so bright form the pale yellow to dark to lemon green to chartruse to deep green to red orange and orange and violet and deep violet....wow...amazing > I felt it was an answer that all would be well for me soon and someone would come to buy the big old shappb chic house here...on the lake in town.. that all would happen in spite of mines slowing and fall here.......then in a few minutes, it all closed back up to the dark skies...wow... Wit the ozone gone pretty much now it is more stormy ... for sure....and more radical .......glad you are all safe and well in the storms with all that love you share with your animals and your place ...---thank you for beauty post again..and again....love that cotton candy sky too irridescent ...--_Merri

Terry and Linda said...

WOW! What an amazing sky. I would be just like you running around taking photos...unusual colors, stunning in their beauty. But still....

I'm glad you all are safe!


threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, it was so weirdly beautiful. And, although the weather was rough, it didn't feel nearly as threatening as some storms we have had this summer have. It was pretty much fun to run around getting pictures.

Merri, wow, that is pretty amazing!

Linda, it was wild! I still can't believe the colors. Pics don't do them justice.