Friday, August 07, 2015

Tiny Magic and a "New" Tractor

 This is Hummingbird feather stuck to the cord where the feeder hangs among some flowers. One of the females sits there all the time guarding the feeder from all the other ones. I was astonished to see this tiny thing, no bigger than the scale of a bass, stuck there flipping back and forth in the breeze. It only stayed for a few minutes and then was blown away on the wind, but how cool to see such an iridescent little thing.

And this is the "new" tractor. The guys went out last week to purchase a small power tool for Alan's job and/or maybe some suitcase weights for the big tractor, which came without any...not a great plan on these hills.

Instead of getting either Alan bought this tractor at an area dealership. They plan on running the hay elevator with it or and maybe raking hay. One less thing to hook up and unhook in the rush to finish first cutting. It sounds pretty good when they start it up.


lisa said...

Nice! Don't see a hummers feather very often.

Anonymous said...

Love the feather and the tractor. I would LOVE to hear that tractor. I remember them in the fields of Illinois west of Chicago growing ones..put put put....blessings to you and thanks..for memories..merri

Uta said...

Congradulation and good luck on the new tractor.

threecollie said...

Lisa, they are so tiny! And shiny!

Merri, it took them a while to get this one running they way they want it to and adjusted so it lines up right with the hay elevator, but what a time savings not having to unhook one of the bigger tractors to run the elevator every time they unload hay. They got a lot in yesterday!

Uta, thanks, it is really useful

Terry and Linda said...

YAY LITTLE FEATHER! Just as nice is the shiny new tractor!