Tuesday, August 18, 2015

When Ordinary is all you Need

New York Soybeans and the Auriesville Shrine

Yesterday was.....just a day.....the sun came up. People went to work or went out for chores. Things were dug from the garden and brought in and animals fed and watered. It was hot and humid....just a day....

Except that any day can be amazing if you watch closely and get lucky. 

 Alan is on a job in this state and can drive home at night, at least most nights. Means I can feed him up on good farm food and sleep better at night knowing he isn't in the dangerous big city. The garden is full of stuff, which I really need to get into the freezer, but we sure don't eat like this in the winter....

More NY beans

 I was doing dishes, for all my life one of the jobs i hate the most. At least I finally have a window over the sink, something I aspired to for many years in other houses.

I was grumbling through a LOT of them from two families living together, when a bird landed a couple of feet from my face in the arbor among the scarlet runner beans. 

I knew, instantly that it was a new one to me....so beautiful, so brilliant, so incredible a yellow, barred with black with a sort of penciled triangle around the eyes.....a Prairie Warbler!

It was a life bird for me. I know the woods warblers are everyday for a lot of people, but I am only slowly getting them on my life list....I literally got cold chills.I think the girls thought I was having a heart attack.

A short time later the dogs tuned up like they meant it. I looked outside to see a truck, out of which a young farm man was climbing. He is one of only two or three people whom we let hunt here and a good friend of Alan and the family, one of those fine young folks you can talk to with no generation or culture gap.

Turns out he was carrying his petition to run for town council. We were happy to sign and to get a chance for a nice visit. I was delighted to see a young farmer, a well-educated and well-raised young citizen, looking to get into area politics. 

Young matters because we need young folks to take an interest and take the world into the future. Farmer is important to me, because most farmers are common-sense, practical, business people, who get how the world works. Far too few people  realize how much ag drives our area economy, how necessary profitable businesses are to keep that economy healthy, or that tax money comes from people's hard work, not from the bottomless coffers of a benevolent government. I can't wait to vote for him if he gets on the ballot.

Dipping her hair in the river at dusk...

Then, come evening; both young guys were home early enough to actually get a hot dinner, roast beef, potatoes, and beets, all grown right here and cooked by Liz and me. We watched a movie together...Wild America....and had a nice gathering.

A good time was had by all. Now I am going to do the dishes with hopes that something else interesting will show up in the arbor.


Cathy said...

How do I choose favorite lines or pictures. Can't. Won't. But the tree dipping her hair in the water . . . Preeeetty good :)

threecollie said...

Thank you, Cathy, it is so pretty here in this season, and I am truly savoring every single day. Becky was complaining about the heat the other day and I shushed her firmly. All too soon hypothermia will be our friend....take care.