Saturday, September 05, 2015

Almost a Mystery

Steers waiting for the fair rodel

There is a pony show halter in the dining room. Bags of decorations...Halloween decorations at that is..... in the kitchen. Eggs on the counter and tomatoes everywhere.

The evening meal is being cooked now...roast beef to slice for when it is done people can eat when they need to....whether it is evening or not. Big events going on at the fair so getting in and out or even over to Fonda to the store is problematic.

We all know what's up.

It's fair time. 

Summer is over. 

People are coming and going at oddly random times and the things that come in and out of the house are strange indeed.

Next week it will all be so dull....

A tiny dragonfly decided to sit on Alan's hat
 while we were talking at the fair horse barn

The Halloween decorations are for the pony and black with spider webs...fake ones that is, the ponies must feel right at home, but here we have real ones....and they look pretty good.

Liz had some time to take them all around the back of the fairgrounds yesterday to see the sights and get used to the excitement. Diamond is an old hand but at barely three it's a big deal for Gambit.


Me, I just stay home and pick stuff and put stuff in the freezer and do a lot of laundry and pick up at least some of the oddities that have cropped up. The rest will have to wait until the fair is over. Soon now.


A. Montgomery said...

I remember those exciting times. Matt & Lisa put my moms granite wear coffee pot in again, and again it only won second. I guess the judges really don't know what wonderful coffee she made with it.

threecollie said...

Mom, prolly not, but as long as you do that is what matters. lol I am enjoying not having put anything in this year. Too nice a week to spend on drama and turmoil. lol Love you!

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, how I remember getting the kids, the animals and us ready and to the fair and in the fair and of course it was time to cut the barley ---all of it was just too much. But so was the fun and the memories.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this total magic to someone who has never experienced the joys of all this..WOW how blessed you all are to have known this. I am so thankful for your mom's granite ware coffee pot...that I do experience and can imagine all the times you sat around the table and had tht loving coffee from that pot. BEAUTFIUL...that is. Blessings , Merri

threecollie said...

Linda, it is a marathon, isn't it! We...mostly just the kids and me as Ralph was running the farm.... used to take a whole string of cows to the fairs and do our darndest. We won herdsmanship a few times and that was probably the proudest thing for me. Anyone can buy a nice cow...although ours were mostly all homebred...but it is a big job to keep everything nice for a week at a time. It was fun though.

Merri, it is fun, but exhausting! Poor Peggy is pooped. lol Thanks