Monday, September 28, 2015

Blue Monday

The color, not the farmer. We couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend. For me hitting Montezuma for a few hours of birding with Alan is like shopping in the Big Apple for ladies of a different stripe. Seeing a real ooh-ah bird was just frosting on the cake. And having a good friend, who birds the area often, reluctant to even believe that we had seen it was pretty cool too.

Then yesterday we got to see a number of favorite farm and professional friends at a customer picnic provided by our longtime...thirty years worth...favorite farm vet (and particularly good friend outside the business world as well.)

That all made for a splendid day. Alas, I was so sleepy by 8 PM, after several nights of not sleeping well, that I totally missed the totally awesome eclipse. I wanted to see it so bad, but I just couldn't stay awake anywhere near late enough.

Today it's back to the fall is here hurry up. Tomatoes to process, lotsa laundry, plants to clean up and bring in safe from the coming frosts.

Puppy to pet and clean up after, grumpy baby off to visit her other grandma and grandpa who will see to the spoiling for the day.

Hope you have a good one!


Terry and Linda said...

My favorite flowers...which did NOT bloom for me this year. So I ripped them out...then where I threw them in the compost pile...they were blooming I sat down and cried and told them how sorry I was. SIGH!


threecollie said...

Linda, oh, no! I am so sorry! Mine bloomed very late and I almost gave up on them. Weird year. What kind do you grow?

Anonymous said...

Hi I have not been receiving your blog so will you check and see if is in your list...I have missed your messages...and photos and family--thanks, Merri

threecollie said...

Merri, I'm sorry, I don't know how to check...the RSS feed is automatic and I don't have control over it. Maybe you can resubscribe. I am so sorry