Monday, September 21, 2015


Sometimes they can be as annoying as the little guy pictured above.

On Saturday Jade was kind enough to take his four-wheeler out on the hill with a fifty-pound block of mineral salt for the girls.

We had planned carefully to place it where I could see it from the window over the sink, making it easy for me to see the girls every day and make sure they were all okay.

We even exchanged three-way phone messages getting it just right.

And then this morning both cows and the calf were out in the middle of the pasture....a very long way from where the salt had been placed. I thought maybe one was in heat as their heads were very close together and they were kind of leaning up against one another.

All three of them.

And then I saw it.

The salt block.

Not only all the way down off the hill but at least half way across the flat part of the field too.

Dagnabbit! Somebody must have decided to play with it and rolled it all the way down there, well out of sight of anyone not way up on the back lawn.

Those cows are both 8-years old! You'd think they'd be over that nonsense by now!


Rev. Paul said...

Children must play!

Terry and Linda said...

It just rolled sooooooooooo well!!!


threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, so it seems. And for some reason cows love to roll things. We have had them move 900-pound round bales around the field and even unroll them. lol

Linda, guess it did. I was so stinkin' frustrated with them. They have a large field, and rather than walk out every day I like to just look out the window to count heads and access fatness and such.