Thursday, September 17, 2015

Free Chipmunks with Every Purchase

The Hickory Tree

Actually we're not selling anything but hay, and not much of that yet, as there is still plenty of green grass out there....hay selling is a winter kind of thing I guess.

Thus you don't even need to buy anything, just come 'n' gettum. 

You see, the chickadees, titmice, and Downy Woodpeckers have come back and are looking for sunflower seeds and suet.

So is a Carolina Wren, which thrills me by being first bird every morning when I am out walking the pups.

So are five-hundred and twenty-seven chipmunks.

I counted.

Oh, all right, I didn't count them, but the boss has seen seven at one time and they are everywhere. They gather up great maws full of seeds and cart them away only to abandon them....leaving a great mess and wasting them almost entirely. Now they are harvesting my scarlet runner bean seed pods off the arbor....and it just so happens that I want to bring them in to dry for next year, dagnabbit.

Thus if you happen to stop by you may take home as many as you like....take a couple....take ten...take a dozen...heck, take a baker's returns is, where is......

I'll give you a tomato for a sandwich for every one you take....I'll even supply some bread and mayonnaise. 

Shamelessly stolen borrowed off Facebook.
 The guy in orange is our boy doing what he does.....


joated said...

re: Chipmunks! LOL! Industrious little buggers, aren't they. A week's worth of entertainment every five minutes.

re: Alan. Looks like he's the only worker on that crew! One guy with a clipboard (upper management?) and two supervisors.

re: Hay. Meine Got! Is there hay around the Northern Tier! Huge rows of the stuff baled in that white plastic. Shed filled with round bales stacked on end three high and 6x10 at the farm at the end of the row...and then he's got dozens of "marshmallows" outside. The wet spring/early summer really boosted the growth. Dry late summer produced a successful harvest. And they are still cutting.

lisa said...

They are a nuisance, but I have to say they are cute little things. :=)

A. Montgomery said...

The sunflower seeds they planted in the garden you did for Dad are very pretty. We have had four tomatoes off the plant next to them.
Lots of Love,

Terry and Linda said...

I want some...can I have, oh, about 100!!!


Anonymous said...

OH what a trade!! I have not had a good tomato since moving to MInnesota...Indiana ones were best, Illinois great and wow what I would give for a tomato sandwich..please.....mmmmmmI might even have to go get a woody one from the store here to satisfy my remembrance of warm tomatoes from the garden right off the vine and sandwiches...mmmmmmmmmmmsay can you ship the critters up NORTH here......I do not have any here in Virginia, and hear they are in short supply in Ely too.... lol.... so gotta ship those tomoatoes too ok? chipmunk tomato trade goes viral....see Linda wants some too... merri

Cathy said...

Dang. I had a couple really feisty chipmunks I was gonna send you in case you were having a shortage.

And I have to plead 'stupidity'. What kind of 'drilling' machine is that? I love it. Love to see men making things happen.

threecollie said...

Joated, he is the laborer, so there is plenty for him to do...and it is a city job, so there are plenty of inspectors. lol Chipmunks...I have another name for them, but I won't print it here. lol And, yeah, there is a lot of good second around. Don't know about first. It rained nearly every day in June, alas.

Lisa, they are...but....

Mom, glad they grew and look nice. The planted them in every single pot on the sitting porch, but I pulled them up. Love you!

Linda, I can spare at least that many! Bring Boomer to catch them. lol

Merri, I would do it! I have to freeze tomatoes today...seems such a shame when they are so tasty on sandwiches, but we can't eat as many as we have.

Cathy, No thanks, to the chippies. lol!! I'll have to defer to Alan on the name of the machine, because I forgot. However, his company was filling in holes in that dam behind them. Someone accidentally drilled into water below the dam and they were brought in to fix it. Interesting job!

Anonymous said...

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