Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Sheer Terror

Horse in close proximity to a train. Train had stopped for a few minutes, but was starting up making lots of train noises..
Liz says this was a truck-in horse that had just arrived. You can see by his ears that he is noticing the train behind him. His driver is off to the can see the reins going off to the horse's right

There has been a particularly irritating little meme going around the Interwebs lately showing a smug, self-satisfied, young fool standing next to a NYC carriage horse while holding a poster saying, "Horses are terrified of traffic and loud noises".

No problem

She may even believe it.. The horse is resting, hip-shot, head at a comfortable half mast, eyes drooping, ears akimbo, obviously to anyone who has ever been around a horse...or for that matter watched a John Wayne movie...half asleep and perfectly contented.

Another one.
She was at the fair all can see just how worried she is about the trains and commotion there.

And yet a visit to this girl's page yields reams of comments of the same ilk. Poor, poor frightened horsie, he needs to walk in green meadows with unicorns, far away from awful human beings and their scary stuff.

I just love self-proclaimed equine experts.

But they don't know nuttin. Can't even tell a sleeping horse from a runaway. I actually stepped outside the boundaries I usually set for myself on this stuff and confronted a couple of people about care of the NY horses. It is a damned shame that they want to remove this last little bit of actual nature from the stone and concrete jungle because of their own ignorance.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts...or trains...or much of anything

I also took a few pictures over at the fair of horses in conjunction with railroad trains. The tracks abut the northern edge of the fairgrounds and run right past the stables....mere feet away from hundreds of horses, every single year.

If I were a horse...alas I'm not but....I would think that thousands of tons of hurtling, whistle-shrieking, thunder rumbling train racing past might just be a little scarier than a few cars and taxis....well maybe the taxis are worse but...

Anyhow, within a day or two, usually even in just a few hours, most horses grow accustomed to the trains and the noise from the midway and the hundreds of people pushing strollers and trailing broods of noisy kids and ignore them completely.

Just like people do. They are adaptable beasts, not too stupid to learn to cope with their surroundings. The anti-animal-interaction activists cannot, in my opinion, make the same claim.

This is worth a look too.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Ridiculous! That's as bad as the cow meme that is circulating showing the cows being freed from their "torture chambers", while a cheering crowd looks on. The cows are fat and sassy and bucking and kicking because they are being let out onto spring grass after a long winter. Obviously those cows weren't being tortured, but rather are a well maintained dairy herd somewhere in Europe and the folks are there to observe the annual spring "break".

I wish those people knew that for domestic animals to exist they need a purpose, otherwise there is no reason to have them around or a way to maintain them.

A. Montgomery said...

I love the horse pictures. I got to see more of the fair through your blog.
Love Mom

jan said...

Mostly the animal rights morons have the opposite effect of what they want. Their methods are so insane that they convince no one

threecollie said...

Nita, The ignorance is downright painful. Just read a story by a celebrity chef that conventional cows are fed antibiotics every day. I didn't even comment because I didn't want to start a manure storm, but good lord!!! As someone who spent nearly 40 years milking cows for the commercial market and worrying about accidentally putting a treated cow in the tank, I can surely attest that that is a lie! Very frustrating!

Mom, glad to save you the cost of a ticket! It was a pretty nice fair...very clean...but a little down from other years in the number of exhibitors. I think the economy hurt them. Love you!

Jan, I surely hope so! Good grief!