Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Years ago today, my folks tied the knot. They were very young.....just kids really....starting out together in the fast-changing and exciting world after World War Two.

They started a family quickly....me first....and began an epic journey that would take them from here to Scotland and many other bits of Europe, chasing down Montgomery lore and tracing family roots, from Indian village archaeological digs to clan tents at Scottish games, from mineral collecting expeditions in Canada and all over the Northeast to digging gold in the Carolinas just a couple of years ago.

After the memories of birthday parties downstairs where Grandma and Grandpa Montgomery lived when I was tiny....I swear I remember my first one...and homemade French Fries and spaghetti in Grandma's kitchen, as their large family gathered around...came memories of the antique store on Main Street in Fonda.

I always thought of it by its full name...Montgomery's Antiques, bought and sold. They started it when we were just little kids and Dad's collection outgrew their apartment. Then came the book store, Tryon County Books, which was right next door and is still in business.

Then we moved to the farm house just down the road from here, where this city-born country girl got the first taste of rural life.....btw I liked it....I remember having just moved in and discovering Barn Swallows....still one of my favorite birds....and Barn Owls and Bobwhites, in the barn and in the fields....oooh, that was an exciting place.

Dad carved wood well enough to exhibit at national shows, Mom painted wonderful portraits, they made jewelry with handmade settings with stones they collected, cut and polished themselves. It was always fun, but it was always business too...there were livings to be made.

They were always deeply involved in something fascinating, besides running the businesses and Mom having high responsibility jobs for various companies, including one multi-national one.

Along the way they raised us....which is of course, an incredible accomplishment. I won't say there weren't hard times, because of course there were...everyone has them and we had our share.

However, when I look back on growing up in such an interesting atmosphere, I can't help but thank them for teaching us passion and an abiding love of learning. We all have it....they taught us well.

So Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. Keep up the good work.


A. Montgomery said...

Thank you so much daughter, our first born. It is truly beautiful. We are both near tears. You remember so much, but I'm afraid your first birthday party was at a little log cabin in Bleecker that we were buying on contract. I have a picture of you out in the sun on a blanket with stuffed toys that were bigger than you were, and your new baby brother Michael. Love you so much.
Mom and Dad

jan said...

What a lovely tribute.

Cathy said...

Oh my gosh. This is so wonderful. No wonder their daughter is who she is. And grandchildren . . and great grandchildren.
A beautiful American story.
Told beautifully.
Happy Anniversary to two extraordinary parents!

Rev. Paul said...

Lovely tribute, lovely couple. Congrats to the newlyweds! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing Grace here in your beautiful, lovign family. NO wonder you are so special!!! Beautiful parents, wonderful upbringing, and LOVE. Love the photos....--Merri

Terry and Linda said...



Ed said...

Great post and happy Anniversary.. :-)

FAST SOS said...

Happy anniversary to them, what a great post/story,
wishing them many more happy years together,

all the best,
from the teeniest tiniest Fast-SOS Micro-farm in England :)

threecollie said...

Aw...Mom, I'm glad you liked it....and on that birthday thing, I've had so darned many of the things they get jumbled up in my memory. Prolly remembering the second....or third....or so....Can't remember the 63rd, which shows you what getting old will get you. Love you guys.

Jan, thanks, it's the least I can do....

Cathy, thanks, I love them;

Rev. Paul, thanks

Merri, thanks, I hope they had a good day.

Linda, thanks!

Ed, thank you

Fast SOS, thanks! And thanks for visiting.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

What a lovely post, especially with the photo of the generations. Happy Anniversary to your wonderful parents!