Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Plague

Notta tick, but a singularly creepy bug that came into the house
These just suck plant blood instead of battening on people


Good grief! I have never seen anything like it. I have gone back to wearing shorts instead of sweats so I can catchum quicker when they grab on me. Liz had one. I had one. I nabbed one off Daisy and ran it down the drain before it bit yesterday. It wouldn't be so bad but the dogs never go out of the house yard.

Now she has a great big brown dog tick on her neck and Alan, my favorite nasty critter getter offer is hundreds of miles away.

For the moment she is in her crate awaiting someone to help me detach it.

Any volunteers?

Any tick pulling professionals interested in a job?

If you get this tick off that poor little doggy I will bake you some cookies........maybe butterscotch chip?

They are really good......


joated said...

If I wasn't so far away.... Our vet had a handy little device for plucking the little blood suckers off. Special tweezers with a V-shaped head that gets the business end out without leaving anything below the skin. Used it a couple of times and it worked beautifully. Can't think of where I put it. Obviously in a "Safe Place."

Jan said...

I haven't had ticks for years, but like joated I used a handy device that is somewhere in a safe place now.I ordered from Amazon well worth the price.


The Dancing Donkey said...

You need one of these...http://www.ticktwister.com/

A. Montgomery said...

Horrible thing. What is it? Love Mom

Terry and Linda said...

ICK!!!! I can't stand ticks!


Cathy said...

Ya should'a seen me grabbing my neighbor off his driveway earlier this year as I found a deer tic attached - yes - just below my bra line. Nobody else to help.
He's the husband of an old friend. And that danged tic had to go. Yep. Rick and I. My blouse pulled up to my chin and me going "Get it out! Get it out".
He did great and we're all still good friends :)
You have my complete and total sympathy regarding these ickiest of creatures.

lisa said...

I am so glad that I bought a box of those tick getters!

threecollie said...

Joated, oh, that sounds like a great idea. I will see if I can find something similar.

Jan, wow, thanks! That is different from the one we have, which doesn't work as well as plain tweezers. Good deal!

Dancing Donkey, thanks!

Mom, it is some kind of shield bug or stink bug. At least I don't think this is the brown marmorated stink bug of notorious fame. We have those too. Love you!

Linda, I am utterly squeamish and phobic about them. I owe Lizzie cookies for getting this one off.

Cathy, I can truly imagine and would do the same thing, although we don't have neighbors any more...that we know at least. But ticks!!!OMG I cannot stand them!!!