Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cities make me Itchy

This really isn't bad as cities go. Although we are in a motel and commercial district it is dead least in the daytime.....

Although there is enough concrete to make the point that this is indeed a city, it is mitigated somewhat by the surrounding hills, just beginning to put on a scarf of fall color.

And of course the Mockingbird.

I wake up stupid early here. Different time zone. Different circumstances. Early riser anyhow. I used to scoff at my maternal grandparents who saw every single sunrise from the dark side....and then I got that job walking hots at the race track...and then I married a dairy farmer.... 

And now I can't sleep late.....not ever.

So I lie awake in the morning waiting for him

 He does not fail me.

Our own mockers up north.... at least the ones on our farm...there is infinite variation in a mockingbird....sing local songs. The one that used to live by the house was a true virtuoso and knew every call from gull to jay to Jake brakes. This fellow does wrens, jays, cardinals and car alarms. 

I wondered as I listened to him singing well before dawn today, if anyone else was enjoying his marvelous performance.

When I went out, having finally become confident that the key card will indeed let me back into the room, so now I can go out and walk around, I found his lovely lady sitting just down the wire taking it all in. 

So yes, he is appreciated even when this parking lot birder is up in New York.

Good to know.


Jan said...

I'm glad you found an early morning friend...or two.

threecollie said...

Jan, not being a city person at all, it made me feel a lot better to have a few birds to make me feel at home.