Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Eight States

In sixteen hours.....over two time zones.

West Virginia
New York

I should surely feel worse than I do....but really, it's just nice to be home to the normal state of chaos around here. I can't wait to see Miss Peggy. Word is she missed me and tried to call me on her toy telephone every day.

I missed her too. And the kids who stayed home. And my pup.... Who went abso-terrieristically-ballistic when we walked in the door last night around ten. I was happy to see him too.

We did nine states on the way down, North Carolina being the extra one, but took two days doing it. I never fail to be astonished by our kid, who can calmly drive through interstate traffic like he does....he has such a way of saving time by driving smoothly instead of rushing. He makes up hours just by being able to handle traffic efficiently.

Anyhow, the guys loved Talladega and I loved seeing new country. Now back to doing stuff.....everybody needs to do stuff...


Rev. Paul said...

Wonder experience! Sometimes I miss being able to drive through multiple states in a short while. We're nearly 8 hours of driving from the state line, and that only gets us to the Yukon Territory. Seattle is three days from here.

lisa said...

Yes, it is wonderful to see new things, but the best part is always coming home. Glad you had a safe and fun trip! You have a wonderful son.

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, It was great. I am loving these opportunities to see and experience other states. Pretty awesome. I love your stories of Alaska, but I would be daunted by those distances I fear.

Lisa, it was great and it is also good to be home.

Alan Friers said...

I remember rolling 110k miles right here haha

threecollie said...

Alan, I do believe you are right. I sure do love that area.