Sunday, October 18, 2015

First Frost

A strange dark rainbow I saw while birding the other evening

Last night, and late for it. West and north of us there was a noticeable accumulation of the four-letter "S" word.

Horrific photos have been shared all over, making me glad to come downstairs and still see green and gold and brown and not that awful white stuff.

I am going to miss stopping at the garden for a handful of fresh, raw green beans.

And flowers....I'm gonna miss them too.


Jan said...

We mostly keep our s-word up in the mountains where we think it belongs.

Cathy said...

It's all I've got regarding the S stuff.

A. Montgomery said...

Tony Fidd, who lives in Warrensburg said he encountered an amazing 10 degree drop in temperature and a snow cloud on the way home last night. We had frost on the windshield this morning. Now it is nice. Love, Mom

Terry and Linda said...

Ugh! I am not looking forward to that awful white stuff, either!!!

Your rainbow is lovely!!


ellie k said...

It is sad when the first frost comes and kills every thing and then some nice days that you could enjoy the garden yet. We have had perfect weather this week. Citrus is getting ripe but not orange, we have to have some cold nights for them to turn orange. Growers can have them picked for juice but people do not buy green oranges even if they are ripe. Fruit crop is really low this year, juice will go up in price by late fall. The trees lost from this greening will be replaced but it will take seven years for a full crop again. It will be about five years before something is available to stop the greening. The kids groves have like seven or eight trees pulled out and maybe one or two trees with fruit on them.

Uta said...

Even here in the middle of Connecticut we had a good freeze. I hated to cut all those lovely Dahlias but I still have to dig the tubers. Hope your keeping warm.

Anonymous said...

I too hate that first frost and the loss of my plants!

threecollie said...

Jan, alas, ours likes to come right down here into the flat land. We lucked out though. Everywhere around us they got some and we didn't.

Cathy, I am not ready. I am never ready. I will never be ready.

Mom, Alan had to drive through some pretty nasty storms of it all the way down to work. I was really glad when he got there all right. Love you!

Linda, I think of you every single time I see a rainbow...including this one.

ellie, it is so sad to read of what your family is dealing with. I didn't know that the fruit didn't color up until it got cold. I am hoping when we go to Alabama next week that we can buy some closer to the source so to speak. I love the stuff. lol Take care....

uta, two more cannas to dig and the goldfish to get out of the pond...somehow.....and then we will be as ready as we ever get. Oh, and garlic to plant too.

Anon, the marigolds and petunias made it through the first but I think they got toasted last night. And now it is going to get warmer again.