Sunday, October 04, 2015

Moose Hunting in America

Indian Lake overlook

Another one of those days when our son got up and said, "Let's go....Montezuma or the 'Dacks?"

Well, we just did Montezuma and he loves the Dacks, so off we went leaf peeping and hunting for moose. What with the season of love for even-toed ungulates well under way, there have been a number of moose sightings recently, as near by as Broadalbin and Northville.

Long Lake

We were optimistic...well, not really. The odds of actually seeing a moose are extremely thin, but we saw a lot of other good stuff and had a lot of fun. 

We drove to Tupper Lake and checked out the Wild Walk. Way too crowded for our taste so we passed it up and headed back south.

Great Blue Heron Tupper Lake

First we went hunting for the Cedar River Flow. I was taken camping there at least forty years ago and have looked for the place several times since without finding cell service up there so no use trying to look it up. I never remembered to look it up at home...

The road sparkled like magic...or new-fallen fluffy snow

A handful of the fine sand from the road.
You can see the garnet, quartz and other minerals in my click

This time we drove and drove and drove on a road we had taken once before and given up on. This time after 17 miles of twisting, winding, climbing, falling narrow dirt road we found it.....

So profoundly changed that without the sign I wouldn't have known it.

So we took a short hike and some nice photos and enjoyed the amazing scent of the woods and then....

We headed south again.

Along the way Alan pulled into a little trailhead north of Wells and we hiked a ways up hill and down to Auger Falls.

None of these photos begin to do justice to the wild, whipping, churning water. The ground shook. It was scary, but so worth the hike.

Rainbow over Auger Falls

And then we came home tired, but full of images of red and gold and wonder.


joated said...

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful day!

The Dancing Donkey said...

I have to tell you a little story.....a few years ago a friend and I went camping at the Ceder River Flow. We hiked waaaaay in away from any sign of civilization and stayed out there for several days. We never saw anything bigger than a chipmunk. We finally hiked wayyyy back out, then drove over an hour out of the moose river plains and, eventually made it back to town. We were driving through the middle of a golf course and I look over and see a HUGE bull moose. He was standing just behind a golfer (the quintessential golfer who was, I kid you not, even wearing red plaid pants) who was so intent on his little ball that he never even noticed the GIANT-biggest-I-ever-saw bull moose breathing down his neck. The moose eventually sauntered off into the woods. We followed at a good distance as long as we could. Looking back, I could see that the golfer hadn't noticed any of it, he never took his eye off the ball.:)

threecollie said...

Joated, it was fabulous. We have both been turning to those mountains for solace and centering since I was his age....

Dancing Donkey, oh, I love it! Big grin! Someday....someday...we will see a moose...probably under weird and quirky circumstances not unlike that. I mean, a few years ago when we lived in town there was one right at the town barn in Fonda where we used to fish and all. We missed it, of course. lol Meanwhile we have a lot of fun looking! Thanks for the great story!

A. Montgomery said...

Missed your blog. Glad you were having fun with Alan. Beautiful country up there in the Adirondacks. Looks like there isn't much color yet where you were. When I was a little girl the whole McGivern family would go to Wells campsite and picnic and swim. What wonderful times we had.
Love, Mom

Cathy said...

Now I have to google map these places. It's beeeauutiful.

Terry and Linda said...

WOW! What stunningly beautiful area you live in!


ellie k said...

We went up in a sea plane like the one in your picture. It was ver smooth take off, we toured Seattle, so beautiful, the pilot scared me a couple of times, he wanted to tilt the plane so we could get a better view of things. We saw the Boeing factory, it is so big that when they opened they flew a plane in the door it circled and came back out the same building.