Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Been running here and running there, buying this, finding that, laundering something else, thinking, planning, fretting and worrying.

And then it came to me. As long as I'm clean and fed, all I really need are the essentials.

Nat Geo field guide



Heck, I'm already good to go.

By the way Alan is making one of those lifetime trips and taking his old parents along because he is a really nice guy. I am a little nervous about the back seat of the Camaro for all those miles...and I don't do racing, so I am filling my NOOK up with free books off Bookbub....but I'm sure it will be fine.

We are going HERE

Leaving in a couple of days and I am hoping to blog from there....if not....well, we'll be back soon.

And if I live to tell the tale, next week's Farm Side will feature Alabama.


joated said...

DO NOT forget your earplugs!

Jan said...

Is this NASCAR I really wish I were a fan because all of the drivers are so nice, good human beings, but I can:t get past the noise.

Terry and Linda said...

HAVE FUN!!!!!!


12Paws said...

Oh my, you're going to be a long way from home--make the most of the going & returning and double ditto on the earplugs!

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Yeah! Have Fun!!

Anonymous said...

How do I get back on your send out email list I miss you..Merri

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to give you my email up here in Minnesota willowhouse@q.com....please try to get me back on the list will you ..thankyou..Love your blog..Merri

Merrilyn McElderry said...

I jsut filled in the place on your blog where it said to follow by email ..and it said I am already subscribed...but I do not get your posts...can you help...thank you Merri at willowhouse@q.com

ellie k said...

I cannot pack until the last day, I don't have that many clothes.

threecollie said...

Joated, they didn't. Had many pairs. I just stayed at the hotel. lol

Jan, I normally don't follow it, but it was fun to do so for a few days. Such red-blooded, all American type people. I get really tired of political correctness and it is notably and pleasantly absent in NASCAR

Linda, we did! thanks!

Merri, I have no control over the email list and have no way to get you back on it. It is controlled by Feedburner and I don't even have a way to contact them to get your problem fixed. A couple of questions: Do you have another email address? The one you gave me will not allow me to even send you an email from my own email accounts. If you don't have another, why not try a Gmail address. They are easy and free to sign up for and use and if you had one you could just put that address in the subscription box. Otherwise if you already have a different email address just subscribe via that one. I really think the problem is something about your email address. Let me know if this helps. Sorry

Ellie, lol, same here. I do it in stages. Things we don't use often but will need first....and then on the last day stuff we use every day. I was pretty proud of my efforts this time. I didn't take spoons or a knife for fruit but other than that we were well supplied.

Merrilyn McElderry said...

HI thanks for message I am in process of moving and only email right now is willowhouse@q.com I do have a gmail on this new chrome but not sure how to do it..so will learn after I move. I miss you and thank you for this post I HAPPEND to find ho ho ho Love merri

Anonymous said...

HI I do not know what happened but in case you do not get mine I am moving..will enable my gmail after I move other address willowhouse@q.com MISS YOU love merri