Thursday, October 01, 2015

Will Joaquin?

Trying to reason with hurricane season

That is the question. After a dry couple of months we got all the missing rain over a day or two.

Pretty rough on the driveway. 

I have a little straight-sided bucket outdoors that acts as a sort of low tech rain gauge. Just under five inches of water in it right now. I pretty much trust that figure because the water in the garden pond was way below the bottoms of the plant pots and now they are well down into it.

Everyone is speculating wildly on the course of Hurricane Joaquin. They say he's a bad one.

They say he may make landfall here.

Or maybe not. He may bring a lot of rain and beat us up inland or he may go on a pelagic tour and count Jaegers and Petrels off the coast.

Either way we are getting ready. Making the obligatory visit to the grocery store for milk and bread. Getting the hay out of the baler chamber and wrapping it all up in a big hay canvas. BTW Alan, someone made sure that the canvases at the barn are folded up neatly ready to use or put away....I'll bet you can guess who.

One of those tarps is coming over to the house in case of emergency. 

Meanwhile it is the most beautiful day you could imagine. Cool, crisp, breezy, with very clean air. 

While I was hanging up laundry I watched the sky for a bit though, and it was fairly boiling. Ropes of jet trails tangling with whipping cirrus clouds and the whole mess so dizzying I felt like tipping over.

Wow! It may be nice down here but stuff is happening up there.

Guess I will put the brightest face on it I can and hope that our wanderers get home safe and Joaquin feels like an ocean voyage..

And maybe Ol' Joey boy will blow in some interesting birds.

Take care!


Terry and Linda said...

Some interesting birds would be nice...a gentle soaking rain would work, huge squalls not so much. Hope you are all safe and secure!!!

Jan said...

Scary weather report when you don't know which direction he will take. Crossed paws and fingers.

threecollie said...

Linda, thanks, I don't worry too much up here on the hill. We are very high and we have a generator. However, Alan, Jade and my brother are always on the road and I worry about them. There were some awful washouts not too far from here in the last storm

Jan, looks as if it is going out to sea. Hopefully. We will no doubt get some rain but I guess we can deal with that. Thanks

Cathy said...

Hope your wanderers are safely arrived. The amount of rain headed for the east is Unbelievable.
And your comment about what goes on above us . . .
I'm about to share on Facebook some pixies my sister took in Florida this morning.

threecollie said...

Cathy, they did and are back in the city again now. Weeks are long and weekends way too short! I saw your pics on FB. Stunning! Did your cloud make the TV show? I actually had the email up so I wouldn't forget to watch it and then I had to fix a puppy situation and missed it after all. FYI Jack Russell Terrier puppies very quickly learn how to climb out of playpens.....